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  1. ive got a carp porter fatboy good strong barrow invested in the tri wheels to and that makes it much more stable but ive learnt through trial and error its all down to how you load it
  2. welcome mate a good bunch of helpful lads here
  3. totally agree think you missed the point I was trying to make my point was if your in a swin on a day ticket and there for a few days and not able to move swims then the deeper is showing not even a tadpole in your swim just confirms that your camping for a few days was not saying id use it for fish finding that's the whole reason im in two minds to buy one the marking out of the swim in less than half the time and less disturbance is what is getting me to think about buying one but also will I buy it then it just sits in my bag
  4. ive had rods off tony a few years back now build quality was great he is good at what he does but as others have said you might have to wait a month or two phone him his number is on his website but if you can wait the time he quotes in my opinion its worth waiting top quality build
  5. now for me that puts a whole new prospective on it
  6. that's the point I was trying to make
  7. as I have said above the mapping advantage they give is great but fishing is about the anticipation of catching along with my limited skill (ha ha) so the fish showing feature takes that away
  8. that is the only reason I have not bought one yet don't get me wrong the mapping of a water in much less time would be a great bonus but if im fishing for four days on a water that I cant move pegs and don't catch fair enough at least ive tried my best but if I had a deeper pro and I could see my swim had no fish coming in to explore my water that would send my head into melt down
  9. dayvid please report back once you have used it as im interested in getting one of those if they are any good with reception
  10. don't lug or rag worm bite or when I was young was I just getting my leg pulled
  11. I must admit ive done this too and the next morning when my mate came over saying did I get bothered by rats last night I fell off my bedchair laughing but it does keep the rats away from you
  12. I hate rats with a passion but over the years ive learnt to live with them don't get me wrong hate it when there round my bivvy
  13. see I don't want to go to the water with link them be fishing and all that's running through my head is that you should be on cell haha
  14. that's a good question I got some link off a friend for free gave me 15kg so its just sitting in the freezer so just trying to find out if people are using it and also what results they are having on it I know cell is a good quality bait
  15. hi all ive used cell for years and must admit had good success on it but thinking of giving link a try anyone using link or used it ?? what success have you had thanks all
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