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  1. that's my kind of fishing food got a ridge monkey sandwich toaster myself looked on youtube and the stuff people cook in them is amazing I just need to be more adventurous
  2. welcome pal good forum this loads of very helpful guys
  3. I have Harrison torrix te and can only say good things about them best rods ive ever owned
  4. hi thedave and welcome my friend
  5. https://www.aabaits.co.uk/ look here mate in Birkenhead
  6. the thing with rods is you buy the best rod for you but when I buy rods I buy the best allrounder for my fishing yes 10ft rods look like a good idea but if I had them id always be thinking of the day im fishing for a few days and the fish are at distance and im not able to reach them so id rather have a 12ft rod that gives me more options
  7. I understand what you are saying here but surely we all have one technique of casting so if im casting a rod 10ft or 12ft say 70 yards the outcome in accuracy would be the same but if I was to cast the same rods to 100 yards then surely the 10ft rod would be less accurate as id have to give it more power to reach the distance just my thoughts
  8. the thing about rods and tackle its all down to personal choice so everyone uses what suits them and there fishing and there budget
  9. times ive been in a tight swim and found it a bit hard to cast ive just put my waders on and waded out a little
  10. ive got 12ft6 torrix and they can cast a very long distance and playing fish on them is a dream waters I fish are pressured so need the distance to reach the fish if I fished over grown swims where I needed the smaller rods id have to buy some but atm I don't
  11. I know a dave from only fools and horses better known as Rodney 😂
  12. nope it was me who read it wrong i need to go to spec savers I think
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