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  1. carpyian

    korda to open new uk lakes

    link to video http://www.korda.co.uk/carpfishingvideos//multiple-job-opportunities-embryo-angling-norton-disney
  2. just been on the korda website they are going to open new lakes in Norton Disney 6 lakes as day tickets looks good they are also looking for staff on the lakes
  3. carpyian

    Trakker tempest brolly v2

    its this or the or the nash hide xl
  4. carpyian

    Northern Angling Show

    ok now just got to pick one between the hide xl or the tempest brolly v2
  5. carpyian

    Northern Angling Show

    nige question for you will normal hide take a wideboy bedchair or xl better
  6. carpyian

    Favourite fishing tv programme

    used to like john Wilson when I was young also like the korda stuff
  7. don't know if ive posted this in the right section if not sorry has anyone been to this before is it worth going to and at the show do the dealers give discounts on stuff thanks
  8. carpyian

    Trakker tempest brolly v2

    just seen the nash hide xl anyone have one of these ????
  9. im thinking of buying a tempest brolly v2 for use on quick over nighters but my question to anyone who has one is will my nash wideboy fit into it ???? thanks all
  10. carpyian

    Nash titan t1

    got it this week very happy loads of room and a breeze to set up thank you nigewoodcock for your great advice
  11. carpyian

    What is your newest purchase

    nash t1 nice bivvy bit expensive but worth it imho
  12. carpyian

    good head torch ??? any ideas

    I ended up getting the fox halo al320 got a good price on it so happy
  13. carpyian

    spomb question

    only ever used a spomb never had any issues as for the others cant say never used them