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  1. weights for example a fly rod rated as an 8 will cast a 8 weighted fly line some rods are rated 6/8 so they will cast 6/8 weighted lines but then you have a weight forward line (weight at the front ) then a double taper line weight both ends so after using front can turn line around on reel and use other end (no recommende) then theres a running line lol confused you will be
  2. expensive as ive said but loverly rods used to fish a few still waters and res used to used a wf7 could cast easy and playing fish was a dream
  3. if your getting a fly rod you want a nice one ive had a sages in my time beautiful rods expensive but you get what you pay for
  4. hoping he pulls through for you mate
  5. how hes ok finchey mate nothing worse they become family
  6. i bought them on impulse ive aready got torrix te but as i said the tx5 are very nice and they can cast really well
  7. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    i love them when there pups ive got a 7 year old jack russell but hes a proper terrier not the best fishing dog he hates fish and birds so no good around a lake lol
  8. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    he looks nice and calm from your pictures hes is still young/pup they do sleep alot when pups hes growing well highy
  9. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    perfect dog/fishing mate
  10. carpyian

    Dogs and fishing

    beautiful dog pal its all about how you train them but i agree some dogs more suited to fishing than others lol
  11. depending on what you want look here closing down https://www.totalfishinggear.co.uk/carp/rods
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