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  1. hi Andrew welcome to the forum one word of advice if I may if I was you when returning the fish to the water id use the weigh sling or landing net because carrying it up in the air in your hands if that fish becomes lively its going to end up on those rocks/pebbles and that will be one hurt fish please don't take offence by my comments just a little friendly advice my friend again welcome
  2. very smooth single malt only drink at home though always like to be clear headed you never know if you might have to drive home unexpectedly plus ive seen a few drunk anglers in my time and sods law the drunk fella gets a bite middle of the night then does not even hear it while hes asleep have to go and wake him up cant leave the fish running all over the place in distress
  3. Cardhu Gold Reserve one of my favs at the moment 😜
  4. a nice single malt 😀😁
  5. coffee or tea most of the year maybe a bottle of coke in the summer only if it stays cold in the cooler box
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 your on form today elmo
  7. ive been woken up by cows drinking as the side of the water never moved so fast to move my rods
  8. if the hook goes dull you can always buy a hook sharpening kit or just replace with a new hook rig
  9. main thing to check is that the hook is razor sharp at all times my friend so always check the hook point
  10. caught a couple of nice fish on them I like the idea of the outer skin breaking down and putting all that smell in the area of the hook bait and the little pile it makes by your pop up
  11. had some good catches on nash cultured scopex squid this year
  12. keep them coming pal sitting at home bored out of my mind wish I was out fishing now
  13. the more time on the bank success will come 😉
  14. its all about getting out there and enjoying your surroundings fish are a welcome bonus
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