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  1. booked on to a fishery last Tuesday all paid and booked the on the morning I was going got an email with a refund to say because of virus closed until further notice don't get me wrong this is the right thing to do to keep all safe but very frustrating now the better weather is here lol well tiny rant over hope everyone is well and managing to keep busy
  2. don't know how true this is but many years ago when I was a young lad I was told to never leave the plastic on as the cork underneath would rot once wet no chance of drying but now im older cork is used in some of me malt whisky collection always wet and never rots thing we are told when young lol im still scared of the bogey man looooooooooooooooool
  3. totally agree do most of my shopping late at night well I did now loads of empty shelves plus super markets are closing earlier now this virus is a bad thing sooner the better its under control just hope we don't get as bad as Italy over 400 poor people died in Italy yesterday alone with the virus
  4. all the ships and imports getting held up
  5. was talking to a store the other day about some fox items was told all fishing tackle new stock is all later than usual because of the virus
  6. I understand now thought it must of been something to do with the runs
  7. panic buying is crazy everywere but whats with people buying all the toilet rolls hand gel I understand but not the roll
  8. ha ha that reminds me of trout fishing when I was a young nipper bottle top as bobbin lol
  9. thanks guys still got the tube they come in
  10. thanks fellas il look into it elmo did you use there website or phone em
  11. I know we are not allowed to advertise stuff for sale so I hope this question is ok to ask finding it hard to send rod through post anyone use a certain courier north west area I know theres parcel force but to expensive £34 so any help greatfull if this post it not allowed can a mod please delete it
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