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  1. I bought the jag set might be a bit expensive but worth every penny really good quality baits attract the fish but its the hook that nails them never sharpened hooks before I got it and reading posts on here will it catch me more fish I hope so but il let you all know at the end of this year I know one thing they go in my finger a lot easier lol never used so many plasters lol
  2. I don't think they will be at that price for to long most anglers wont pay that
  3. a bivvy from a 1000 to 1500 id want it to cast out for me to ha ha
  4. welcome mate enjoy some very clever fishermen here to get advice from and very friendly group of guys
  5. its ok not used the thin tyres so no comparison to make but I also bought the tri wheels for it was going to get the fat boy version of these but was advised by the shop to get the narrow ones but they do mke it more stable will still tip over if I load it wrong but learnt how to load it now I want an electric barrow (old and lazy haha) but just expensive hard to justify the cost of one
  6. got a carp porter fat boy strong easy to take apart got it secondhand for 70 so well worth it but this season thinking of going electric
  7. do you know the predicted release date
  8. happy Christmas to all and wishing a great new year and hope we all get a new pb this year
  9. now that looks a really inviting place
  10. hi Andrew welcome to the forum one word of advice if I may if I was you when returning the fish to the water id use the weigh sling or landing net because carrying it up in the air in your hands if that fish becomes lively its going to end up on those rocks/pebbles and that will be one hurt fish please don't take offence by my comments just a little friendly advice my friend again welcome
  11. very smooth single malt only drink at home though always like to be clear headed you never know if you might have to drive home unexpectedly plus ive seen a few drunk anglers in my time and sods law the drunk fella gets a bite middle of the night then does not even hear it while hes asleep have to go and wake him up cant leave the fish running all over the place in distress
  12. Cardhu Gold Reserve one of my favs at the moment 😜
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