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  1. (1) Free Spirit Hi S ive 13ft | Free Spirit | Bankside Tackle there doing 10% discount
  2. just sold delkim txi-d set of 3 receiver case and all extras for 580 so on fleabay and bought fox rx+ the new delks a bit fiddley to operate on the bank good alarms but to technical for me
  3. this virus is one horrible thing nature created or a lab somewhere we will prob never know lets just hope it eventually becomes just like the common cold and no more mutations
  4. new reels thought id give them a try very nice reels
  5. going the shop over the weekend see if they have my size in on the vass ones
  6. im going to invest in some chest waders i know vass are the ones everyone wears but in the chest there 51 inch but the fox chest waders are 53.5 inch anyone used the fox ones ????? what a bit of room around the chest so the air circulates and im not walking around like im in a bondage suit 😄 and with most fishing sizes they are all on the small side thanks in advance guys
  7. im with you my friend on the price of some tickets some tickets id pay to have the chance to fish for some of there fish stock others i would not pay
  8. with most things im life now its about money and most of that is down to the angler wanting the best gear but if it something that you enjoy why not and time on the back is the way you will learn your skill time to watch the water watch the fish see how they react to diff weather conditions and time to experiment but most of make time just to enjoy your angling being out there fishing
  9. wigan kebab is the posh version in liverpool we just have a pie butty lol
  10. weights for example a fly rod rated as an 8 will cast a 8 weighted fly line some rods are rated 6/8 so they will cast 6/8 weighted lines but then you have a weight forward line (weight at the front ) then a double taper line weight both ends so after using front can turn line around on reel and use other end (no recommende) then theres a running line lol confused you will be
  11. expensive as ive said but loverly rods used to fish a few still waters and res used to used a wf7 could cast easy and playing fish was a dream
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