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  1. carpyian

    Nash titan t1

    got it this week very happy loads of room and a breeze to set up thank you nigewoodcock for your great advice
  2. carpyian

    What is your newest purchase

    nash t1 nice bivvy bit expensive but worth it imho
  3. carpyian

    good head torch ??? any ideas

    I ended up getting the fox halo al320 got a good price on it so happy
  4. carpyian

    spomb question

    only ever used a spomb never had any issues as for the others cant say never used them
  5. carpyian

    Nash titan t1

    just ordered one thanks for the help nigewoodcock
  6. carpyian

    Nash titan t1

    does anyone use a titan t1 ??? would you recommend one ???
  7. hi all im looking at getting a nash titan t1 any body got one I have a nash wide boy ss4 bedchair does anyone know if it fits in with space around thanks ..ian
  8. carpyian


    thanks mate
  9. carpyian

    good head torch ??? any ideas

    they look ok have you got one ?? are ok for night fishing ?? and thank you for the reply
  10. im looking to buy a new head torch looking at the fox halo al320 any good anyone or other recommendation thanks
  11. carpyian


    found Liverpool leads contact but not mh leads
  12. carpyian


    anyone have contact details for Liverpool leads or mh leads im not on facebook or Instagram you see
  13. I'm thinking of building this one but not sure yet
  14. Bivvy power pack or power station what ever you want to call it for charging my phone or my light head tourch anyone use one if so are they any good I've seen a few on ebay and I know ridge monkey do one any info welcome Sorry for all the tackle kit questions just rebuilding my kit