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  1. Old school

    What is your newest purchase

    Love it Haha just ordered some
  2. Old school


    did the try the mobile number on their website? doesnt seem to be much activity on there though been looking for a nice place to fish for a few years myself, not having a lot of luck to be honest!!
  3. Old school


    RIP another legend gone
  4. Old school

    Rod Shots

    Nice fish well done
  5. Old school

    Rod Shots

    Yep I'll keep you updated Here's a list of the ingredients
  6. Old school

    Rod Shots

    Don't think we ever will be sure what they want, Always been a bird food man over the years, giving this a go now just wish I'd tried it earlier to get a bit of confidence in it http://custombaitservices.com/product.php?product=17
  7. Old school

    Rod Shots

    thats the next thiing havent caught on my new bait yet!! may have to swap back to my own mix and get rolling again
  8. Old school

    Rod Shots

    yes i got the boat out for the first time and used the non fish finder lol, thought id put them in some good spots, very handy knowing the depths and could clearly see a couple of bars.
  9. Old school

    What is your newest purchase

    5kg dp1 from custom bait services new 42" landing net peak angling hot water bottle for the mrs (honestly) korda marker elastic and an exra battery for the procat
  10. Old school

    Rod Shots

    right now id do anything for a bite so ill give it a go next time
  11. Old school

    Rod Shots

    Maybe that's why I'm not catching 😳
  12. Old school

    Rod Shots

    I don't think it restricts the line, done it like that for years
  13. Old school

    Rod Shots

    4 blanks
  14. Old school

    View from your bivvy door.

    opposite side of the lake this time, still no fish
  15. Old school

    Rod Shots

    seriously beginning o question my angling ability now fish 4 me 0