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  1. Old school

    Specialized hookbaits

    it did say there is a two week wait on the website but maybe thats old, dont know why i did it really, just spent the last couple of evening rolling nutrbaits lol... decided to stop chasing a bait and go back to what i used 20 odd years ago! when i opened that bottle of maple flavour i was 20 years younger 😂
  2. Old school

    Specialized hookbaits

    couldnt resit it i ordered a tub of S2, two week wait though!!
  3. Old school

    What is your newest purchase

    going back to my old faithful bait, nutrabaits ener-vite gold base mix creamy super sweet multimini liquid food caramel cream ni flavour cream cajouser bait spray plum ni flavour spice cajouser robin red white spice high attract corkie wafters and a hand towel
  4. Old school

    First trip of the year

    no good, i didnt go lol
  5. Old school

    Rod Shots

    I agree with this one, dug all my old gear out after 20 years and just went fishing on a new lake, caught straight away and dont think I blanked. Then started getting new everything, bivvy, sleeping bag, chair, line, bedchair, landing net, cradle, Been a mare ever since
  6. Old school

    Rod Shots

    good luck highy
  7. Old school

    Rod advice required

    why not keep your rods (better for actually playing fish) and buy a cheap bait boat and take your bait out with that only when you need to
  8. Old school

    First trip of the year

    sunday for me, meant to be a bit warmer i believe,, now its just where to go hmmmm nice little runs water where i can probably get about 6 around double figure fish or my usual water where i havnt caught yet!!
  9. Old school

    What is your newest purchase

    Just ordered new alarms myself ecu's being delivered tomorrow, cant wait!
  10. Old school

    Rod Shots

    anyone else see the full moon last night? photo doesnt do it justice
  11. Old school

    guys we need to sign this

    https://www.change.org/p/jchilver-buckscc-gov-uk-stop-bucks-cc-plans-to-dump-2-million-tonnes-of-waste-soil-into-thorney-park-lake?recruiter=451533058&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_email_copy_en_gb_4.v1.pacific_email_copy_en_us_3.control.pacific_email_copy_en_us_5.v1.pacific_post_sap_share_gmail_abi.gmail_abi.lightning_2primary_share_options_more.variant&utm_term=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_email_copy_en_gb_4.v1.pacific_email_copy_en_us_3.control.pacific_post_sap_share_gmail_abi.gmail_abi.pacific_email_copy_en_us_5.v1.lightning_2primary_share_options_more.control&utm_content=mit-14045354-1%3Av2 target%3D
  12. Old school

    Rod Shots

    Gonna try barston lake this weekend heard it's a bit easier in winter? Anyone been lately
  13. Old school

    Anyone doing evening sessions at the moment?

    No couldn't do that either, I'm trying to do 24 hours sessions
  14. Old school

    What is your newest purchase

    Avid Carp PVA metal Links Clips Fox Edges Armapoint Arma Point Hooks Korda Choddy Chod Carp Fishing Hooks Litre Blended Fish Oils Spod & Boilie Dip Carp Fever by Maddocks Gardner Feature Finder Marker Leads FOX Edges Zig Aligner Kits 10 x GRIFFIN 25g CAMO GRAVEL BACK LEADS TF Gear Hardcore Zig and Chod Fishing Case FOX IMPACT SPOD Quick Change Size 8 Swivels
  15. Old school

    Rod Shots

    just got to find one near me, anyone know a good one in the midlands that you can night fish?