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  1. Couldnt catch me breath lol, and then when she said I promise I wont do it again 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Why did they change them? Do they fail I see theres a spring in there
  3. Been looking at these myself Gaz, I just bought one as it was on offer for £20, does seem very good quality though. One thing I noticed my one is an older version it pushes in and turns at the alarm end, think the newer one screws in
  4. Any users of the p1 sod pod on here? Been thinking of getting one, can you use any buzz bar or is it solar specific with the drop in feature?
  5. I'm a bit of everything too, jrc, fox, harrison, shimano, chub, trakker, korda, only one I wont buy from is nash!
  6. You could try these from fox, a bit of practice and their easy https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/fox-edges-rapide-pva-bag-system-fast-melt?gclid=CjwKCAiAzJLzBRAZEiwAmZb0anQEmOcXgs12ybv6L9lBJ8vmf4S2q6jbl6AeP7qSFUhFKGJVqIxOABoC9sMQAvD_BwE
  7. Old school

    March catches

    Well done chap, I'd forgotten what a carp looked like 👍
  8. I did the same thing, just bit the bullet and bought the 3 rod one though.. You know it makes sense 👍
  9. Old school


    Why not just use the lead clip? What does the cog actually do?
  10. Old school


    Is there any need for all that though Yonny? Were just fishing, there was a good 10 foot of line still attached which makes me think the owner didn't even bother to try and unhook the duck just cut the line and no doubt set another up?
  11. Old school


    Just removed this from a ducks beak! Poor thing couldn't lift its head, Surely theres no need for a contraption like this?
  12. Probs 8 acres I'd say, does look bigger in the photo
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