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  1. If you want to send it to me I’ll solder it back on and I have the connectors here, wouldn’t want anything for doing it, you just pay postage? Unless your near measham I’ll do it while you wait? Just done my super xl’s
  2. Ah right sorry about that! I am watching a few on eBay so I’ll stick with them 🤭
  3. I’m looking to start fishing three rods so I’m looking for an optonic super xl bite alarm and a Shimano aero gt4500 baitrunner, showing my age a bit now 😯, anyone have one of these knocking around the shed?
  4. Not sure I trust my scales anymore, my Reuben Heaton we’re spot on 25 years but have been lying in a bag for long long time! So what would you guys recommend? What about digital ones?
  5. Having returned to carping after 20 odd years I’m still using the mk1 Fox swingers, right now I don’t see any need to update them,, talking of isotopes I did my first night last Saturday and couldn’t believe as it started to get dark they lit up!!! Dimmer but still usable after 20 + years..
  6. What havnt I bought lately! Loads of small bits, new jrc two man bivvy, two bedchairs, Nash cradle, some more flavours and pellets from quality baits was the last things
  7. Once I’m back into the swing of things again I’d like to find a nice syndicate within an hours drive of Ashby de la zouch, I’ve got willesley on my door step but I think £600 is a bit steep, maybe wrong though? Not too worried about the size of fish just an old carpy looking lake will do me..
  8. Yes I agree think I paid around £150 for my original jrc one in the early nineties! I’ve gone for the jrc one in the link for £99 delivered and I’ll get a sleeping bag for it,
  9. Thanks for that I’ll try and find the fish and look for those swims, how close together are we talking? Need to get a two man bivvy in as well, is that going to be too big?
  10. Was going to try mallard lake, just any info you have on the place?
  11. Thanks for the help guys, need to make my mind up ASAP the other half and me are going to Stanwick lakes this weekend for a 36 hour session l, which brings me to my next question anyone fish there regular?
  12. I’m leaning towards this one, used to swear by jrc in the 90’s, what you think? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362412921161
  13. Need to get a new bedchair, whats recommended these days? Top brand or one of the cheaper ones ok? Ngt maybe?
  14. Yes mate that’s the one, do t say willesley though lol
  15. Not fished for a long long time! I’m looking for a syndicate in the midlands for the long term, but for now just somewhere nearby to start me off again, so any suggestions where to go? I live in Ashby
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