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  1. Very quite here, nice and peaceful though
  2. Same, was early nineties when I was last there, you had to book months in advance then. Was middle of the winter then too and blanked lol
  3. Merry Christmas Looking for a few 24hr days while I'm off work for two weeks, ideally less than an hour from tamworth, bit of a runs water would be great need a few bites. Any ideas
  4. Think I got the same ones from China, seem ok to me
  5. i use this for probably 90% of my fishing https://esp-carpgear.com/tels-bottom-bait-rig/
  6. i bought a pair of vass waders a korda method feeder and a tub of GPB specialist hookbait
  7. just think before you buy, most people will try and buy cheap only to upgrade to what they really wanted (needed) 6 months down the line,
  8. Still have the presentation case too, Must be getting on for 30 years ago now, jeez I'm old
  9. Are you sure yours are mk1 mine have a black weight
  10. I still use the mk1 swingers! I do a lot of semi slack fishing now and if you move the weight right back their perfect for that too!
  11. not yet mate their on my radar, need to get through these first think there are 7 in the series then series 2 lol
  12. on my 4th now elmo great little read, are you going to get some more?
  13. Looking at some waders now, should I just get the IN vass?
  14. I tested them when new and they were spot on, prob should do it again now just to see.
  15. I bought these this year, seem pretty good to me https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/korum-scales?gclid=CjwKCAjwnrjrBRAMEiwAXsCc482dGXIotoH8n6eoDbeGdL4SEj_aQqs7DthT7PNkZWuZomafzEnxVxoCJ7IQAvD_BwE
  16. hi folks does anyone here have any info on broadwater carp syndicate on packington estate? i dont do facebook so cant send them a message on there. thanks for any info
  17. not sure if you can make it out welder but he is about to tuck into a fish, got a decent camera too but never take it, will do from now on though
  18. had a little visitor too, we had 3 on our lake over the weekend, Bentley Fishery in Brentwood sorry about the photo quality it was taken on the phone
  19. Just read the first one, number two on the way bought mine from Mark on Ebay where he will sign the book, proper funny read, cant wait to see what Rambo has been up to! Gets a 10 out of 10 from me
  20. went for the chub lite ones in the end, seem pretty good quality too, just a couple of bank sticks now as the chub ones seem to be out of stock everywhere
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