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  1. how good are chub these days they seem to do a nice set? https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/korum-precision-lite-2-3-rod-adjustable-buzz-bars
  2. looking at going down the buzz bar and stick route, what do you guys use? i like the idea of the smaller 2/3 ones as most of the time id only have 2 rods on but would be nice to have the option of 3,
  3. im pretty sure it would , the only slight issue maybe the peg tags wont line up with the brolly ones, think the fox ones do? might be wrong and they match up perfect though.. why dont you buy it and let me know then ill get one 😁
  4. when i saw the make of the other one it made me think of this on youtube,, HIGH POWER 🤣😂
  5. i like it shame im not closer as postage always kills it, ive got all the bits to make one in my ebay basket, but the mrs says i dont need it 🤣 what do you think i should do? oh and no charger thats another 15 takes it up to powapal prices
  6. Old school

    June Catches

    had another PB saturday morning 23lb 10 common
  7. have you got a link to the fox one highy?
  8. Ah right thanks I'll keep looking Does the mk2 fit the mk1
  9. Cracking buy mate, I'm looking for something similar for my mk1 supa brolly but the only one I've seen said it zipped on, I dont have zips though
  10. looks like heaven to me, drop me a pm and ill join you lol
  11. cant believe no one has watching this classic, once in a lifetime clip
  12. Old school

    June Catches

    Oh sh*t yeah sorry mufty 🤣
  13. Old school

    June Catches

    Nice fish highy well done
  14. Old school

    June Catches

    Another lively fish yesterday 17lb 1oz leather
  15. Tryin again, looks right for a bite
  16. have a look at these, cant go wrong with any of them, fairly cheap too 👍 http://www.qualitybaits.co.uk/
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trakker-Armolife-Kettle-NEW-Carp-Fishing-1-1L-Kettle-211306/232779416504?epid=18029158636&hash=item3632bc03b8:g:n1oAAOSwcJ1bBYU- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portable-Camping-Campfire-Kettle-Camping-Water-Kettle-Teapot-Coffee-Pot-1-1L-UK/192841636413?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3D5cd47f51cd0d413b92eb0b695d2be4b5%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D232779416504%26itm%3D192841636413&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 any difference?? oh and ill never buy anything from mr
  18. Cracking Highy, great days with the lad 👍 Good to see more fish on the bank
  19. Lovely fish Yonny, well done
  20. bought a daiwa powermesh 9ft stalking rod with a shimano st2500fb, loving the small rod
  21. 21lb common from Saturday,
  22. Sounds a bit mean but I'm so glad my kids have grown up and doing their own thing, like getting our lives back 😂
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