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  1. honestveek

    sign of the times

    Post removed for swearing
  2. honestveek

    Rod Help

    They should always have a gap at the spigot. Once there is no gap they are worn out and you will be building them back up with candle wax!
  3. I have a JRC STI-R with over wrap and an Aqua Atom with wrap. Both are a pain to put up so gather dust whilst I use a Wychwood 50 inch HD brolly. This is the one that came out with a five year waterproof guarantee. I don’t think I have ever used the groundsheet but have started to use the wrap more to keep the mosquitoes out. It also provides a little extra room and darkness. I often (electronic) window shop an M3 as they look great but I know I will go back to the simplicity and speed of a brolly system.
  4. honestveek

    Flavour of the Week: Carp Rods

    The best rods I have ever used are Daiwa Infinity X in 2.75 or 3.5. Both are long distance beasts. I have more modern rods and a few other golden oldies like Armalites but nothing feels as good as the Infinities. Not really a fan of the whacky styling around the reel seat which must put people off. I honestly think with the pursuit of profit in modern rod manufacture there will never be a rod as good.
  5. honestveek

    Mortimer and Whitehouse Go Fishing

    I really enjoyed it. I don’t really care for the educational type fishing programme anymore so this being true escapism was right up my street. The guy I do my fishing with is exactly the opposite and was affronted that Bob is useless at fishing and didn’t like their banter. I think my fishing buddy is dead inside.