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  1. Agree totally, if you use the tech the op has posted to it's full potential and don't clear up you should be doing something else. @Yonny That is commitment, cannot wait to get off day ticket waters in a few years when I have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills I am happy to apply anywhere to get that feeling I realize some don't agree with the fast acquisition of knowledge and I wish I could acquire it from fellow angler's but watercraft is hard to learn without help. I can see how fishing the type of venues I fish would not be of interest to some/many on the forums but I need to learn and they are the best place, at the moment. I can do this is by trial and error alone, being show by someone who knows their stuff or by buying tech that needs interpreting with a certain amount of trial, error and confirm, as best I can, with leading Some people will only fish hard spots, other like to fish clean silt etc etc and they will all have there reasons, which they may not share. Many will ask about venues and 'what works' to learn and they may get help with that. People will go out in a boat with a spy glass to look into the water to find the weedy runs where the carp pass through, if they are eating bait, has it just gone off on the lake bed or for lowering their rig onto their spot etc etc. There is almost an infinite amount of information about on the www on catching carp but waters fish very differently for different reasons at the same time of year. For some the journey is about working it with eyes and leg work, applying traditional methods to find there spots, that is fine by me and wished I was able to apply that. The thought of using sonar to drop you rig on a carps head does not appeal to me at all but I would happily use a boat or wade out to lower my rig to perfection, mad isn't it
  2. I hear you Yonny but time is a big factor for a lot of people, young family, work commitments, costs of day ticket fishing, etc and sonar will greatly shorten the time til you are fishing accurately if there are any unknowns. I don't think there are many anglers who wouldn't look at a bathymetric map if it was available and then use that knowledge. Totally agree with the buzz you get from busting your backside off to get that carp on the bank, skill plus knowledge are huge assets and I am certainly lacking in both which is why I read forums and watch certain vids but at the moment my sonar is my best tool. I am hoping as time goes by that I can tell how deep the water is by how long it takes for the lead to sink and feel the drop everytime but to find depths and holes in weed, my sonar is best with the time I have available. Now put on that a mega moving camera to see if they are taking your offerings, conditions allowing, you should, eventually, clear up on almost any venue, rules allowing. Basically it will improve your knowledge very quickly but not your skill. It's all about the journey, tight lines
  3. I have heard of the lakes fishing better, think they post the captures on their fb page
  4. A new bailiff has taken over, he is working hard clearing swims etc. Still hard to find a spot without sonar, with all the cabbage, but offered to go out in his kayak for us with a spy glass so we could clip up.
  5. Prefer micro-barbed, only use barbless when lake rules dictate
  6. 760

    Bait budget

    We have for this year been making our own boilies, buying hemp, maize and nuts in raw form. We got 2x free chest freezers off Gumtree for storage, 1x for base mix (not switched on) and other for made baits. Time is certainly a big factor when rolling your own baits but so far this year we have managed to cut our bait bill by more than 2/3rds and it is certainly more rewarding catching on your own baits. Next year, with the money saved, will invest in a industrial food mixer and hopefully over the winter I can finish my modified doughnut cooker to seriously speed up the process The numbers side of things are: Boilies are about £4.50/kg (inc modification for hookers) Hemp £40 for 25kg (dry) Maize £15 for 25kg (dry) Nuts/powders/liquids/sugars/salts £180 to make 100kg So 100kg of boilie and 150kg of mix/blend will be £700ish BUT we don't really use particals during summer/warmer months, after spawning
  7. I've not use them. We have the same rule with regards to rig tubing and use rig marole tubing (non elastic version), shrink down a piece of shrink tube so the bead/s can be slipped onto it. I'm not going to open a can of worms about modifying a heli safe but it does work.
  8. Don't spend that on that gun! https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-foil-cartridge-applicator-gun/808fg
  9. I managed to get 80% of an 8 acre lake bathymetric mapped in a couple of afternoons, battery went flat on the Deeper after 4.5 hours continual use
  10. +1 for the avon skin so soft original, don't rub it in, and as the deerflies, horseflies and some vicious green delta wing nasties are imminently about to add to the annoyance, I also take antihistamine everyday as I get surrounded by the little ******** while shoeing horses
  11. I go fluff chucking on streams and small rivers, stalking basically, when I fancy a change/mixing it up.
  12. 760

    May catches

    I'm regularly out fished since Tree started 'bleepy fishing' last June, still lots for her learn so don't get any stick, yet 😉
  13. 760

    May catches

    Took nearly 20 years to get her into 'bleepy fishing'. Was her 1st medium size water, Billingford Lake, and she is chomping at the bit to go again
  14. 760

    May catches

    Fantastic few day's at a new water for us, biggest 24lbs9oz
  15. You never know whats just around the corner, well done all round! Hope he makes a speedy recovery
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