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  1. Hi, if anyone can help me out with some info on elphicks and mid Kent fisheries it would be greatly appreciated, Making the trip to Kent later today so any info will be greatly appreciated please.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone fished at Orchard Place Farm, Tonbridge, KENT? From the website it looks like a nice fishery with good size carp in all the specimen Lakes, wondering if anyone has any info about the lakes, carp stocks, rigs, Bait etc please, Thanks and be lucky 🚙💨
  3. I came across them on Amazon Marketplace, Angling-Supplies-Ltd, £19.97 + Shipping ( they are NGT. Don’t know if these will take you straight to the item but I’ve got, Listing ID: 0502UT12YM0, And Order Item ID:68899953630451. Hope that helps mate, I set mine up on an old bit of timber, I’ll try and send the picture if it will work??
  4. Thank you, getting it wrong is all part of carp fishing lol, you have to get things wrong to keep learning, it’s all part of the challenge don’t you think mate?
  5. Thank you, so are all/most people on here carp crazy nuttas too? Hopefully I’ll fit right in lol
  6. Buzz Bar Set With 2 X 20cm Rod Buzz Bars, 2 X TBAR 20-30cm Bank Sticks and 2 X Stage Stands, All Stainless steel, Well Engineered And I Think They Look The Nuts And Less Than £20!!! Well Impressed.
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