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  1. I could listen to that man talk about fishing all day long. His enthusiasm is infectious. Not a bad taste in music either!
  2. Managed this lovely one on Monday night. 22lb and stunning scale patterns. Caught early at 6.30ish then just one pesky tench. Lovely fish and a great nights sleep. Success for a school night!
  3. Sorry mate I forgot!! I’ll post in catch reports
  4. Back for another night and I’ve had one already!! A day time pic is a rarity for me. Will get that up tomorrow. And still the rest of the night to go.🐟
  5. Jack of all trades!! Do you get no enjoyment out of any of those things? I’m a heating fitter and still love my job. Never too late to retrain.
  6. What do you currently do in the building industry?
  7. If I did it would be wireless..
  8. Yep that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Not a delkim fan personally love my atts. And I do strongly believe that the sun actually does shine out of Adam Pennings [censored]. Strongly recommend his book. oh and I’m a central heating fitter so yes I rate that too. 😁
  9. If I listened to my daughters opinion I would’ve stopped wearing my crocs years ago!🤣
  10. Pays hundreds on stainless bank sticks but won’t buy dongle...🤣
  11. I think that’s a good thing tho really. Builds the anticipation for when it reopens.
  12. I always found making babies made me hungry personally...
  13. I know it’s not dark yet but any joy?
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