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  1. Dave Hedgehog

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Sticky krill , double 12mm bottom baits. Total faith and confidence in sticky baits. That said in the winter it’s maggots and lots of them! Underrated and often ignored.
  2. Dave Hedgehog

    What is your newest purchase

    Probably a bit boring but my latest purchase was hooks. Some people are addicted to buying green luggage, some people have a strange desire for pots of pop ups, my obsession is hooks. Been a long term mugga fan and now using these...
  3. Welcome in Brutus. Not been on here long but they seem a friendly bunch.😀
  4. Dave Hedgehog

    September catch results..........................

    What a fantastic write up! Really enjoyed that. Well done on what sounds like a truely rememberable nights fishing. Makes the blank, long, lonely nights all seem worthwhile. Great stuff.
  5. Dave Hedgehog

    good head torch ??? any ideas

    Any petzl head torch will serve you well. But for that “carpy” edge... 😁
  6. Dave Hedgehog

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    The weekend lay in. Anyone else struggle to stay asleep after 5.30-6.00am even when there’s the chance of a lay in? In my early 20s I could sleep till lunchtime. Now 3 kids later I’m waking up before them and drinking tea on my own downstairs.
  7. Before I fade into the background! Been reading some great threads on here so thought I’d join up. Carp angling enthusiast and seemingly a bream angling champion. Based down in sunny Hampshire. I’m a midweek angler, and fish a night a week all year round. Probably won’t be a huge poster on here but love the catch reports. Might even add one if posting pics is a straight forward job. cheers all.