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  1. Are you some kind of giant or is it a little can?!
  2. That’s a cracker mate. The rudder on it!!😮
  3. Love a G&T. I’ve now reached the age where I don’t mind ordering one at the bar. I’ll have a G&T and stick my little pinky in the air and to hell with the judgemental so and so’s! 🤣
  4. That’s a stunner mate
  5. It’s like the costa brava down south mate!
  6. It was on a snowman as it happens!!😂
  7. So this just happened... not a great pic but it’s just off the phone. 29lb6oz
  8. Another night of bream bothering... fingers crossed!
  9. Straying off topic but for a good reason.. how is little one? Does the house have that wonderful hint of poo and formula milk in the air? Hoping all is well and you’re getting some sleep. Just keep in the back of your mind..this is the easy bit!😂
  10. Your mrs has a real talent there. I wouldn’t mind a couple of those for the garden.
  11. I think the main trouble will be that there only appears to be a handful of regular posters on here. But I’m happy to have a double swim to myself anyway!😁
  12. We’re going up to Norfolk in a couple of weeks. Going with my tribe and meeting both of my sisters and their 5 kids there. 8 kids for 5 days I’m not planning on it being relaxing. Just praying for a few sunny days. Then off to Eygpt in August. Think that’ll be a hot one!
  13. I’d be up for this. Happy to be on pest control for the bream and tench!
  14. A trakker oval sanctuary cot, new att under lit alarm (to replace a temperamental one, colapsable bucket (don’t ask), air dry bag, and a new Nash indulgence pillow. Not purchased all gifts apart from the pillow. I bought that because I’m feeling old and need the luxury. Sod the extra weight on the barrow!
  15. An unplanned night at the last minute. Already had my standard early bream. Mate in the next swim has just had a 24lb mirror. Steak and vino coming up in a minute. Fingers crossed.
  16. Was more concerned about the size of it. Didn’t want something big enough to hold a 100lb catfish. Difficult to judge the size of it really. I might order one and take a chance.
  17. I had a guy wake me at 2am one night he said “I’ve caught a common could you do pics?” I’ll be honest I felt a bit miffed at the thought of being woken for mid double common. When I got to his swim and looked in the net there lay a 41lb common. I was more excited than he was!!
  18. Looks like another stunner! Well done mate. I would’ve woken someone up for pictures 🤔
  19. Hello all, I know the titles a real mouthful for what is a glorified unhooking mat but has anyone got one of these? I’m looking at getting one and was after a true review. Cheers.
  20. Emmcee that’s a lovely fish mate! 🐟
  21. Well... 2 bream 3 tench. Big bream tho 🤣 knackered now.
  22. Here for the night. Always been a midweek man. Not really a people person so midweeks suit me. Had a chinese, nice bottle of red and now settling down for what is sure to be a peaceful and undisturbed sleep!😀
  23. Cancel that... the spodders have arrived 🤬
  24. They certainly do. And 14 acres all to myself at the moment which is rather strange to say the least.
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