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  1. Nothing old skool about bringing your own strip of artificial grass!😂
  2. Another exciting and boringly predictable purchase for me today. 40 quid always hurts but it’s that time of year again and it’s never let me down.
  3. The rods and reels look the nuts! Great looking fish too.
  4. Congratulations Yonny! I see he’s already practicing his capture photo face! Enjoy the sleepless nights it passes all too quickly.
  5. I wanna know about the “messy” mirror at 11.12. Why was it a messy run??
  6. Just watched an episode of Carp Crew. Loved this program when it first came out. The wonderful Kev Green and Yan Porter. Both taken far too soon. And also good to see a young Adam Penning make an appearance. No drum and bass music in the background, no 3 minute video of the car journey to the lake. Sometimes the old ones really are the best.
  7. I wanna see the end product please! By the way Elmo Putney was one of my favourite ever tv characters! 🤣
  8. Perfectly carpy weather and I’m sat on the sofa in my pyjamas drinking a cup of tea. Where has my enthusiasm gone just lately?! Must get out there and make the most of this mild wet weather. Anyone else struggling for motivation so far this year? Only done 2 trips in 2019 and it’s already February.
  9. Congratulations! No greater joy in the world than new life. Enjoy.
  10. For a first bivvy I’d go second hand. Bargains to be had out there. I’d recommend the avid hq. Great bivvy. A mate of mine bought an avid tardis brand new for £99.99, granted its small but for quick over nighters it’s perfect. Set and pack down in minutes and weighs next to nothing.
  11. I’ve had the sonik xtr3 rods and managed to snap 2 on the spigot in the space of 18 months. Did replace the first one but lost confidence after that. Strangely they’re the only rods I’ve snapped in 25 years and both snapped at the spigot. Now using free spirit ctx and love them. Anyone looking for a 3lb tc cork handled sonik I’ve got a spare!😂
  12. Fair point. I don’t really have a no list. Always fished club waters. Have fished at Chichester on ivy and quite enjoyed that but believe that’s now a syndicate water? And I think there’s restrictions on how far you live from the water which would rule me out.
  13. Evening all, hope everyone’s start to the year has been a good one. Im in search of a new venue, syndicate ticket in Hampshire. I’m in the Portsmouth area and due to only fishing a work night a week I’m not looking at travelling over an hour tops really. Something challenging, scenic, full of features, low ish stock. I know, I want the moon on a stick but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Happy to get my name on a list and wait it out. Any ideas welcomed. Pm if preferred. thanks in advance.
  14. That’s my face when I get a single beep on the margin rod 😁
  15. That tench is a cracker!
  16. Portsmouth way down by the seaside
  17. I have sonik 3 rod hold-all in the garage not being used. Where are based?
  18. I’m after a double figure tench and bream. I’ve had them to double figures but sadly didn’t appreciate it and didn’t get the picture. Not everyones dream I’m sure!
  19. Highy let’s get it booked!🤣 2030 for me
  20. Compromise.. the secret to a happy marriage 😁
  21. I loved doing a weekend trip. Take my time, relax, power nap during the day. Then children came along. Weekends are now a never ending stream of sports clubs, swimming and entertaining. I wouldn’t change it for the world! But I had to alter my fishing to suit. I do a mid week over night and maybe 1 or 2 36 hour trips. Keeps the kids happy, the wife enjoys the peace on a Wednesday and because I put more thought and care into that short session my catch rates have improved. when the kids are older and less dependent on me I’d love a trip to France. A week of fishing must be blooming lovely!
  22. Always nice to get that first trip in. Are you doing the day or a longer session? Im planning to be out next Wednesday. Cancelled this weeks trip and itching to get out. Weathers feeling good for it.
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