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  1. Brutus


    Time dependent I soak mine for 24-48 hours, boil in the same soaked in water for half hour or until the maize starts to split, take off the boil and leave to cool down on the cooker. I've had success with then adding some sainsburies rum flavor to the maize. not loads about half a small bottle per kg and mixing it up, placing in a bag, blow up the bag with maize inside, then let it ferment in a warmish place for a day or two - occasionally check for mould and let out old air and re blow up. Once fermenting is done - I divide up and freeze. Also had success with boiling maize the night before and taking it in a tub with the water i boiled in with no salt or sugar. Had great success with adding salt/chilli/sugar and various combinations. Top, top bait imo. If i'm being honest, 200g a session would be plenty, sifting through the better kernels to use on the hook - the grain is so tough it withstands all sorts of punishment. The rest mixed in with corn/hemp/bread crumb/groundbait mix and I think you'll have a decent spod/groundbait mix that will attract most fish. TLDR: Maise is a top bait - doesn't matter how its prepared or any additives.
  2. Brutus

    Surface fishing on the bottom

    I'd like to hope that this has been taken into account. Most of the time I've fished with it, it's taken a battering and been alright - I honest to god couldn't see a fish swallowing it whole, probably mouth it for ages and then spit it, the feel of the nylon "I think" would be enough to arouse curiosity and mouth it rather than swallow it whole. But then again I'm not a carp so this is all theory and not worth the words I've written lol. if you cant get any arma mesh or in a bind, bagel bread is a bit tougher and I've used that on the surface with success.
  3. Brutus

    Running rig woes/getting done

    That's what I was thinking when having a go again with a semi fixed set up. That or some tubing on the bend of the hook to see if the baits been rejected - but even then I'm not convinced that works, but he who dares etc. Depends on the venue for me, but I do tend to prefer light leads, semi slack and running if I can. If not then semi fixed and inline. I know heavy leads have their fans and their pros/cons - to me I just like my finesse & simplicity on my rigs/terminal tackle - the less there is, the less to go wrong/see. That's not to say I'll never use them or trash them or more complicated rigs or setups - they obviously have a time and a place, which is when I'll have a go at using them. My usual snaggy, feature rich water - I think a bit more polish on my approach will pay dividends. With heavy leads being now "en vogue" and popularized, you'll have everyone using them. Seasoned anglers who know what they're doing and using it for a specific reason reason (maximize bolt effect, distance casting, balancing on underwater slopes etc) & anglers who are still learning the sport and just going by what they read or see and not necessarily for a purpose. Anything different from the guy next to you or the norm could put you at an advantage, if it doesn't, simply change to something that does, not really lost anything, learned loads.
  4. Brutus

    Running rig woes/getting done

    Prologic snz and set up as quite sensitive, small weight added to the bobbin - clipped in a line clip on the rod, pointed directly at the weight so zero angles - one could argue every trick to get as much sensitivity as possible. I think I'll have a knock about with some ideas thrown about (longer hair/semi fixed) and see what happens. If I keep getting done, or think I'm getting done a lead clip arrangement may have to be utilized. All part of the fun aint it lol.
  5. Brutus

    Running rig woes/getting done

    Funny enough, I think the exact same thing - to the point where we actually get a take is as being as low as one in 10/20 times the rig is picked up. Not due to being solely on guard, but also curiosity, accidentally etc. Thanks once again for the food for thought.
  6. Brutus

    Surface fishing on the bottom

    Making a bread paste and using fox arma mesh or some fine netting is another trick I've used.
  7. Brutus

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    Absolutely, its a great edge if you were fishing over a weedy lake bed or covered in fine blanket weed - as its only an inch or so thick, the bait is just sitting above it or in an instance where you know the coots/ducks/grebes are down for a much and you need that confidence that your rig needs to be 100% as it was if disturbed.
  8. Brutus

    Running rig woes/getting done

    Morning guys, Certainly getting the wheels churning with your responses. This is where it gets a bit of a puzzle, the lake itself is very rich in features, under water snags, over hanging willows, about eight or so lilly beds - I just don't feel comfortable leaving everything mega slack - semi slack, yes - just not mega slack. Saying that, I could give it a go in the open water and see what happens. I have no leaders and keep everything as safe as possible so that should the worst happen, nothing is left tethered. so essentially I fish naked (rig - not myself). hooklink, swivel, buffer bead, lead, line. just to give you an idea of how I'm fishing. As I say, lots of lines in the lake at the same time so the fish are pretty clued up, but strangely not spooky or cagey. You often see them cruising and in the margins, if they see you they disappear but don't bolt if that makes sense, no sense of panic, just very casually. Anything bolt rig wise that I've tried or seen anyone else try has ever produced anything, odd beeps, a run... absolutely zip - that's not to say that its a useless idea, I've just never seen it happen on the lake with people who's rigs I've seen, so for me running or semi slack would be different to the norm and present a new scenario. First things first - I'll try a longer hair (usual gap is 5-7mm from bend of hook. I'll extend that to about 1.5cm) and keep the set up the same on one rod. the other one I'll try a semi fixed with the same rig I used. When I'm next there I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the pointers guys, very much appreciated. The beeps I'm getting are in quick succession like you get before a run but then they just stop. Do you guys incorporate any tricks on your hooklink to tell if you've been done or do you just put it down to the fish getting lucky and crack on as you were?
  9. Brutus

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    I've not caught on it, but my initial concerns were about the unpredictability of it spinning about. Good to know about the bigger hooks, something I'll bare in mind if I give it another go. Deffo a decent presentation, nice and low key pop up and ability to withstand the bird life and not leave the rig in a mess. Cheers fella.
  10. Lol, nah a nickname I have. But I got called it all throughout my childhood. i do love the carp, but I also love my pike, my perch and float fishing in general. Never been river fishing properly, looking to go in the autumn time on a small slow flowing river near me. Get some float sessions on the go, maybe even a bit of spinning for the pike, who knows. What ever takes my fancy really. 10 hours if it’s a day, usually 12 if it involves a night. Mostly though, after work sessions no more than 3 or 4 hours if the light permits. Quick and dirty, get to test things out - use your brain and try to maximise your chances of a hook up. If your there for a day or two, I find I get mentally lazy and settle into this “that’ll do” mode where I’m kind of half fishing. Rods out, baiting up but not really thinking what’s happening, am I on fish - what can I see in front of me, shall I bring this rod in and try there - all too easy to sit there and say “give it another 30 minutes and I’ll recast” when times of the essence you tend to throw caution to the wind a little.
  11. Haha lol! Wasn’t 80s wrestling the best!? of course, we all have work, all have commitments with family. Great to grab a sneaky sesh here n there. Tell the truth if I was somewhere for a week or so fishing, I’d get bored.
  12. Evening, Just wondered, who here fishes running rigs? im having a bit of a conundrum at a place I fish where I feel I’m getting done - I’ve landed a few, respectable sizes too (17/20 & 23lb) So I’m on the right tracks - I think. But there are odd occasions that I get a two or three tone beep on the alarm, really quickly. I strike, and nothing. I’m fishing light leads as the lake is probably 80 yards in width, so don’t need to go too crazy weight wise. Also quite a choddy lake bed So don’t really want massive leads. hooklink is 6/7 inches - gone up to 12 without any difference. If anything I got more of these bleeps the longer the hooklink. fishing wafters. Size 6 hooks. Semi slack as the bites don’t seem to be forthcoming on tight lines. how would you go about finding out if these small run type bleeps are bites? One train of thought was to increase the hook size and decrease the hooklink to maybe four inches? bare in mind the water is quite pressured, three acres - the favoured swims are always taken, busy during the weekday/weekend - or would you just advise sticking to the same thing?
  13. Brutus

    What Rig? Helicopter?

    As for leader, I’d heartily recommend the avid pin down, very hard wearing, easily spliced, supple and sinks like a brick. as for that rig I believe that’s a combi. One of my faves. Used that before in choddy areas without issue. Flouro wasn’t too stiff though, just kept straight through preassure in a rig wallet. As mentioned above, d rig it or German rig it. Depending on the type of silt I’d be inclined to use something supple, but not as supple as braid. Ntrap or ghost soft straight through. not saying I know it all but I got so bogged down by wondering about silt and fishing in it, I complicated things for myself. Have a google about for Terry Hearn and his early days fishing in silt. It’ll give you food for thought. best of luck with the trip though dude.
  14. Brutus

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    Whose wallet your money ends up in. on a serious note, first heard of the Ronnie rig, which was popularised by Lewis reed of Gardner, promoting the Mugga hook, quick link swivel, rig tube and putty. From what I read somewhere, I think the term Ronnie Rig was trademarked - could have been rubbish I’d read or someone having a laugh, I don’t know - but ever since then I saw the spinner rig that was popularised by Korda. They even released special swivels for the spinner rig. That’s no joke, the quick link is just bent out a little. gyro rig is nashs flavour but you buy the hooks with the swivel attached, just have to add shrink tube if desired. Packs of five from what I’ve seen. personally, I think you’d have around 75% functionality with a basic multi rig and less messing around. Less cost if you get snagged up. just out of interest, has anyone caught on a Ronnie/spinner/gyro rig? Where has hook placement been.
  15. Cheers mate - funny enough some of the greatest captures of my youth, wouldn't trade the memories for a second. Was always great to go surface fishing for the smaller carp in the summer back then too. So an old head on new shoulders roughly speaking.