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  1. Scopex squid hard ons and Crituz wafters with matching glug soaking ready for single hookbait approach.
  2. No fishing but some nice gun ranges if you in to that
  3. Dogbed and liner for long session as it was cheaper then getting a ground sheet
  4. I've started to try the screws still undiedced on what I prefer
  5. Chods and stiff ds are personally all I use now. Mainy because there so simple to tie and it take very few componets to do it . But once I've used the last so my live system I'm gonna just use tigers hemp and maize ( need to save up and get my sorted now really) so I think 99% of my fishing will just be helicopters with balanced tigers on stiff ds but we have different ways so approaching stuff and though patterns
  6. Personally I think ronnie is a bit of a sheep rig everyone using it as it's the videos and in articles
  7. Swapped the hide for a hide xl got some bait screws to try aswell
  8. Ordered my hide not waterproof infills in stock anyway might be s few days before I see it from tft as it getting sent to my home address and not work hopefully a call in the morning will get that put right
  9. I use 18lb esp but once I've used my stock I'll be swapping yo nash stuff as my local shop doesn't stock esp
  10. So went to local angling dierct to have a look at the tempset brolly and the hide. Glad I looked the temspet brolly was awfully low I struggled to sit in it Could sit up on a bedchair comfy in the hide And that what I shall be ordering one while I there got 1 bottle betalin Crituz pellet and bottum baits Esp pva 3 disgorgers
  11. That's what I payed there about that price wherever you go
  12. What you reckon on that corus bait seen it for sale but seem bit cheap. Today's purchases 4mag rollers and neoprene cases for me my new atts alarms Sending my dwarf quiver off to army Andy to get to repaired Making a big trip to a couple fo stores Sunday in the hope they have a one of the 3 brollies I'm looking at will no end up buying some other stuff to
  13. I'm 6 3 and think it only thing with the head room I need. I've got a longish session planned for Sept so I'm gonna have to have made a choice by then but a xl is getting more tempting bit heavier but hey cant have it all
  14. Scope recon brolly and side panes dor 65 should see me though till I can look at tempsets or hides in the flesh
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