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  1. No worries it weird still like seeing nice fish out and being by the water just lost the love for the actual fishing.
  2. Tbh I'm given up fishing now so no longer own the lo pro but I think I went for 36 inch at the time.
  3. Sold my sann off and one of these instead https://www.tackleuk.co.uk/Shop/RodsBarbelSpecialistRods/Rovex-John-Wilson-Avon-Quiver-TRAVEL.htm I paid alot less then 99.99 though should be much better for perch fishing longer so can over the marginal weed and and lighter for better action seems to have good reviews aswell
  4. Keeping it varied makes a lot of sense, I definitely over saturated myself with carp fishing, the break did me good for sure and I've started rock climbing now aswell so between the two I and go what I love which is be outdoors and kept it varied
  5. So I took a few weeks and I havnt missed carp fishing at all, but I was really missing catching perch so I went out for a few hours this morning and had one of about 1lb -1lb and 4oz I dont really pay that much attention to weight but I'm got the buzz back well for perch anyway.
  6. Senas bolo sliders for patanosering minnows on the river. Really struggled to get right kind of floats for this
  7. I had some but really struggled to use them maybe il doing it wrong
  8. Tbh if the choice was just to watch fish in gin clear water or actually catch them. I'd probably take the 1st option I love watching them I remember I watched some tench in a French public lake for hours once. It really does amaze me for some reason
  9. If someone will buy it someone is gonna sell it
  10. 12l live bait bucket and aretor pump, s d some perch Bobbers
  11. We all know carp and brand tax exists. But but up to the Individual on what they to pay. Companies exist to make money and if they can brand it market it and sell it make money they will
  12. Angry typing and spelling checking much
  13. Its the system that's wrong. Personally I think there should be some from of system that if you dont pay in you dont get anything out ( unless medical grounds ofc) that should stop the full time benefit doses whondont actually want to work. I live here a few and I cant stand them and if I had my way there would be big reforms and a lot less people would be getting anything. Rant over but that's all I'll say on it. As I dont want our nice forum to because far to potical
  14. Tree123


    This is hard one to judge with as I have seen some people pick it up leave the bag due to a lack of bins on the walk and then pick it up in the way back though. But I have also seen the opposite.. does make me wonder why they go though the effort of putting a bag in the 1st place. Personally I will bag it and carry it till I get to bin. Just part of having a dog but as with litter I think it's the minority running for the majority. There a day ticket near me that names Shames and bans them with the evidence going on there face ache page if they leave anyhing at the lake or on the roads approaching the lake . It tough but there isn't a single bit of rubbish there
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