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  1. Brought myself a bait caddy for trotting maggot. I was gonna hurt for massive perch after june 16th but im just enjoying keeping it simple and enjoying what ever comes along and just enjoy being back out there. With the limited time i have Motto for tge season keep it simple and enjoyable and take the pressure off
  2. I dont thinkn my dad has used his more the 10 times and i doubt i will use it when the time comes but will be nice to sit on the shelf
  3. Erm not sure macro cosrti or something. Like that seems to spin fine Ive been promised a jw young pursit when dies as he told today. Not that im expected to get my hands on that any time soon
  4. Not so much a purchase but dad got rid of couple of bits so got his unused 15-18ft float and centee pin reel. Just the job for roach and rudd goals.
  5. I used bag them up in to 100g or 200g bags and then id still bring 90% of them home as you need very few tigers as we all know
  6. That what used to do with tigers. 10kg of cooked tiger should last you a very very long time. I used to soak mine in betalin.
  7. Trying to avoid adding any binders or anything like that as want to keep it simple. Will be fishing bread on the hook anyway so crumb and vitalin will work and cheap too
  8. Weird question What is the heaviest groundbait you can get? As want to start baiting up the river. But its quite deep and balls to break up slowly. Was thinking vitalin or maybe a method mix. I dont really want to be messing round with soils and leams as it all gets a bit complicated
  9. They do but there are like 50 quid. Mich easier to stick a pool.noodle and bin bag over the egde of bucket.
  10. Rod license 5l bucket 3m ngt net handle This afternoon will trying to make a bucket seat cushion. As i dont have the money in my minthly bugdet to pay for the bucket seat
  11. Its official angling trust confirmed it on there facebook page
  12. Mrs saw this on twitter. Will awaitinf confirmation and will keep my eye on angling trust website but. Signs are good
  13. Well that is true.. Well see whay happens in the next few days. We may be fishing by the weekend yet. Even though the lake will be rammed and the fish will be spawning. Haha Just ordered my clippers for cutting my hair let see how that goes.
  14. The thing i dont understand about it. There is more information coming tommrow then why bother to even give us the update today... yes from Wednesday i can drive and walk to river and if were lucky might be able to fish. But there is plently of other issues. But anyway ive had my rant. Ill try to bring anyone down
  15. True made me feel better i guess.
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