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  1. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    Fox exocet 18lb Bp10 reel Pot of orange northen specials 4 extra days annual leave so booked Monday to Friday off in September for long session now to find somewhere to go ( So hard to find somewhere dog freindly)
  2. Tree123

    Loggies lake

    As with any busy lake I'd always say washed out baits
  3. Tree123

    Ns1 or acid pear

    Oh yeah forgot about that
  4. Tree123

    Ns1 or acid pear

    Ordered me some of orange specails and liquid won't be using them for a quite a few month but they and sir glugging for a while. Might play with making my own blue ones aswell as cc moore sell the dye and pop up powders
  5. Tree123

    Ns1 or acid pear

    Plus with the northerns you can buy the booster luquid fishing for making bags not that it matter that much as if fishing on the bottum I use tiger nuts
  6. Tree123

    Ns1 or acid pear

    Looking at getting pot of either for single hi attact hookbaits. Is one better then an other?
  7. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    Esp 4mm nut drill and cork sticks. Bottle of betalin
  8. Tree123

    2019 Plans

    Depends on the dog a lot too my 2 year old is quite happy to curl up / in the bedchair. I still walk him him in afternoon ofc in a lo get session. But my dad 6 year old lab is a pain and won't settle at all
  9. Tree123

    2019 Plans

    Carp dogs are the best dogs
  10. Tree123

    2019 Plans

  11. Tree123

    What did Father Christmas Bring

    Love my sonik sk4s the look the feel. I dont think ill ever get rid of them even though I havnt used them for month now
  12. Tree123

    2019 Plans

    Finish off rest of the season perching. Maybe one or two nights carping. Having a rest to get the house done up during close season 1st 2month of the season ill be on days only canal/river and the well who knows. But i defintey want to visit some new places.
  13. Tree123

    Low stretch mono

    By pre stretched I'm guessing you mean the likes of fox exocet or simallar
  14. Tree123

    Low stretch mono

    I'll have a look at thoose then
  15. After being on braid for a few months. Rules have changed and means I have. I love braid as find it so easy for feeling the drop. Are they any decent low stretch mono out there?