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  1. So been trying to lighten up for the last few months and I'd like to say I've done prettt well but anyone else got any other tips so far I've Swapped to a esp lo pro but debating on getting a tempset brolly due to the height of low pro. Swapped to a saber compact Rucksack. Stopped doing a bag within a bag. With stuff like my headtorch and power pack and scales Condensed the leads hookbaits and rig. Bits that I need into my trakker pva pouch. Swapped my the t pegs I carry on my bag for titanium ones for pegging my mat out . I dont normally take a stove unless I want warm food which i only really need when its cold
  2. If I keep throwing loads away next batch I boil up I'll have the weight in the bags
  3. Rather have more then I need. Would expect to be bringing the last majority back but just in case. If I wanted to put any real amount of bait in I'd go back to boilies
  4. Surely that weight would kill your back. But I guess if you had one of lightweight ones what 6kg in the great total of stuff. Had some northern specials arrive for chucking at showing fish. and I'm prepared some 500g bags of tiger which should be plenty for overnight sessions where I wanna set traps. Used to carry like 2 -3kg of boilies to help feed off any bream but tigers should hopefully get past them.
  5. Not sure how I'd feel about wearing my bedchair.
  6. Looked at them but no trees where I do Nights
  7. What do people use for water proof salopettes. Been looking at some army surplus ones and the esp stash. There big diffenrce in price. At the moment i just use my waders but I am a bit worried th one get I'll cut the pva on a stone or something.
  8. Tree123

    Waterproof salopettesw

    The surplus is fair bit cheaper plus I already have the surplus waterproof jacket already. And yeah Yonny you right. Like to get as many opinions as I can hence to posts on two forums
  9. I've started doing this now too. I've got a shroud and love it I really put the brolly up if it raining or really windy in winter
  10. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    And dogs.. God had a good day when he gave us dogs This week purchase 12.5kg bag of tigers should see he though for a while. And the stuff to make my shed mouse proof. Oh plus a deeper plus pro my mate was selling his off as he doesn't really go fishing will be just the ticket for finding spot for river evenings Keeping looking at a bigger shelter too the height of the lo pro is starting to annoy me when its raining..thinking about a hideout or a tempset
  11. Tree123

    Ready prepared particle supplier.

    Monster particles had a massive sale on like10kg for a tenner
  12. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    As will all things just need to find your own with it. I started with 90l then went to a 40l esp one and now on a tiny one
  13. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    If your going light why take a groundsheet... i know it might only be a kilo or two but they all add up. Would it not make more sense to get brolly then a bivvy. Lighter and so much quicker to put up
  14. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    Of the tip if my head Air shroud Lead pouch Tackle pouch Pop up pouch like Pir alarm Large pouch containing head torch batteries that sort of thing 8 or some stupid amount of Bank sticks. Buzz bars 2 throwing sticks 4-5spombs 2 catty. I've now gone down to a saber compact rucksack (and carry my shroud cooking stuff separately now as i dont need them on ahort sessions )and much prefer it. Having a big bag is ok but it a massive pain if you need to get down to the bottum of it a hurry.
  15. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    After having a 90l bag I found I just filled it pointless rubbish. 110l is huge.. are you gonna need something that big
  16. Anyone's used one of the trakker mukticore suits what they like? And no please don't suggest snugpacks I can't really afford and jack and salopettes from them. Ans i prefer to a jacket that waterproof and I've be forever worried by catching and ripping the material
  17. I have stiles and don't fancy lifting a power porter over one of thoose
  18. I've got dwarfs 10ft already for river and canal work. I'll be keeping my big rods as there still a 120 acre lake i want to go back to next season. Need to find a balance before buying a new bed chair. As the dog sleeps in the bag with me when nights are cold and im quite tall so i dont think one of the compact type bed chairs would work for me plus i hate doing my sleeping bags hence why i love the shroud in spring summer and autumn But my ss3 has got me easily 12-13kg. Need a comprise
  19. Tree123

    Might give these a bash......

    Me and mate used to go a local pond that was pasty bashing. We used try what weird baits we could use had a few on sweets.
  20. Had one wasn't a fan l. Struggled to fit it over my ss3
  21. Yeah would love to know what bedchair you swapped for my ss3 weighs a tonne. Might have to stick with the lo pro and as in spring and summer I only put a brolly up if it's raining rest of the time. I'm under the stairs plus with the smaller rucksack it might be a bit roomer under there.
  22. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    New chair must be like a mk5 or something so hopefully be more comfortable to carry
  23. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    I'm getting there started off with a 92l bag and now in got space in my 42l esp rucksack. And dont feel that I'm not covered for a situation. Wouod like to get down to the ta/ saber rucksack but with having to take a dog food and bowl I dont think i ever will I used to have the korum rucksack and chair combo when it 1st came out like years and year ago but I never used to carry the chair on the bag as it was really uncomfortable
  24. Tree123

    What is your newest purchase

    Will try and hunt down for not carp tax version take up less room then a tripod and im alwaybup for being more compact This week purchase. Saber compact rucksack for perch and roach fishing Saber 10l bucket carryall