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  1. Im looking for a system for quick overnighters really.
  2. tempest is nice but gets v expensive when full system and GS is included! is the hide-out any good? quite like the fox royale TT also.
  3. how did you find the brolly mate? did you get it with the wrap for overnighters? im looking into getting one so just want to see what a proper unpaid review is saying about it!
  4. Looking for a brolly system with space saver or 1 man bivvy for weekend and day sessions. looking under £200 ideally but would stretch to 250 at a push. what do you recommend lads?
  5. thanks again mate 👍👍 just tied a few of these on some old coarse gear i had lying around, really quick and easy!
  6. are the lead clips reliable? have always heard to get main brand ones...
  7. Awesome mate, thank you so much for the advice. The force 8 is available on ebay for £130 and thats the range i was looking at, up to 150ish. As long as its warm, waterproof and doesnt break the bank im game 😂 end tackle is the real baffler for me. which lead, what rig to use?! I think keeping it simple for starters is best, something easy to tie, German rig or something like that!
  8. Cheers Cyborg, comprehensive list, ive ticked off what ive ordered so far from the research that ive done online and the small advice ive had from carpy friends! Im gonna be doing a few night sessions with friends but nothing more than 1 or 2. Im in the UK, in cheshire
  9. Evening All, Been Tip and Float fishing for a couple of months and now getting into the wonderful world of Carping. Grabbed myself a couple of Sonik Vader X 10ft and Shimano bt6000 reels to get started but aside from that a total novice in the deep world of carp tackle and bankside life, so some advice on what kit to get me started would be greatly appreciated! cheers, James
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