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  1. Robomar

    July catches.

    Fished last Weds 17th for a new PB - 28lb 1oz , was a very happy chappy!
  2. To bring this thread to a close, a quick update, After having no response from Fox despite a couple of emails & the second hand one on ebay selling for £98 + £5 postage! I researched similar sizes bivvies that i could find an alternative wrap from & took a gamble on the Fox EOS one man overwrap & pleased to report that it just fits my Royale Classic Bivvy. Thought others might find this helpful as the Royale overwraps seem to have been discontinued.
  3. Thanks Oscha, I did go right through Fox stockists & think i may have found one,just waiting for confirmation email that they have one in stock!
  4. Thanks David, Pretty poor customer service by the looks of it. May have to ring them if i can't source one.
  5. Hi all, I have been trying to find an overwrap for my Fox Royale Classic 1 man bivvy but i cannot find anyone with stock & Angling Direct claim they have been discontinued. I have emailed Fox direct but have had no response in over a week. Does anyone know of another model (Cyprinus etc) that would fit? Thanking you in advance...
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