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  1. Also roughly how much bait should I be putting out per rod? This is dependant on fish activity of course, so lets just say they're feeding. I'm thinking of doing a few day sessions when I have the time.
  2. No carp tackle shouldn't be a problem for me. I have recently got all the basics including two 12 foot rods. Which means my smaller 10ft ones are spare and would work better on the canal.
  3. Yeah ill probably do something along the lines of that. I'm fishing on the opposite side of the canal and there is a private mooring right next to me. I'm thinking that the carp gather there because of spare food thrown in by people living on the barges 🤔 so tucking a ledger down the side should be fine and shouldn't get too much disturbance from passing barges. But whats wrong with setting up a 10ft carp rod?
  4. Each and every time I do some float fishing on my local stretch of canal I have seen a Carp boshing out of the water. It looks of a decent size and am very tempted to try my luck. What would you recommend?
  5. Well I know that due to the heat carp are more likely to eat particle (e.g. sweetcorn, hemp, tigers) To get this kind of bait out there you usually need to spod it out, yet I do not have a spod rod as I am new to carp fishing. I'm thinking about using smaller boilies or fishing a margin where I could possibly get bait to instead of spodding.
  6. What are your summer baiting tactics? Also what method of bait application do you use?
  7. Thanks for the info, I will bear this in mind when looking for the rods. Now knowing that 50mm butt guides are no use to my style of fishing, are there any rods just under the £100 mark, that have 40mm butt rings that you can recommend?
  8. Hi, I am new to carp fishing and fish a small venue. Whilst looking for new tackle to upgrade to I found both the Daiwa powermesh, 12ft 2.75lb, and the Shimano tx2's also 12ft and 2.75 tc. I favoured the Daiwa powermesh until I read that it had 50mm Butt guides. Bearing in mind the furthest I would need to cast is roughly 50yards, the bigger guides would be of no use. I was wondering -because of the 50mm Butt Guides- if i would have to pair the rod with a big pit reel or a "mini" big pit? Or could i use a normal freespool reel? Or should I just get the Shimano tx2's and pair it with a 6000 or 10000 reel for the close in fishing and be worry free?
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