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  1. I live next to tesco, near the richoh, I do like that spot if we're on about the same place grows full of reeds and has a circle bay there does look carpy, I'm going to stick my self in the middle at Longford been feeding the spot full of flu atm ill be out there in the night next week to try my luck
  2. Not the biggest but they are pretty in they're there's also a lot of ghosty commons, as for goldfish jesus had one well over a pound, back to the canal though bud, starting baiting last week with particle an 18 mms will introduce 15mms in the week just didn't want them getting eaten by bream, a dace is something rare for the canal I wouldn't mind one of them or ruff I did see this guy catch a 2 plus pound perch the otherday in fact him an his mate were bagging on single maggot, cheers for the advice mate
  3. Cheers mate I will preserve as I can always fish the grand Union in Birmingham, looking forward for the next week so becoming more milder, thanks for your reply bud I was thinking this site may be abit outdated wasn't expecting replies so quick
  4. Any one still trying this canal or has it been savaged as you can guess what I mean, started prebaiting the thought of the unknown is exciting but thinking of the way this area is I guess it's like swanswell a dinner plate?, my dad says hes seen them eating bread but I've sat. In the exact same spot for hours on roasting hot days smoking never saw nothing it's quite sad,
  5. There's a lot of romis around lads , carp will be somewhere I'm gonna have a go this year in the spring but back to like An zander now for the colder months I'll be down the Rico stretch I know im abit late but (I know this naughty word is banned but I decided to use it any way because I can't control myself) it ,
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