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  1. They are spectacular mate. I can see why you use them.
  2. Like my cat, bloke thinks you need a crane to get that cat out. I have shimano tx2 11ft 2.75 and it works a treat. Cought 50lbs on it played them felt the fish every time and it just keeps on going. Absolutely love them. If I had to chose between them.and my Mrs you can have her I throw in a gag 🤪for free. I been told.so.many times I need bigger test curve for the specimen I fish for but I don't think I do. I'm not making a fashion statement on the bank I'm catching fish. Those rods look mint cane ones I mean. 👌
  3. Good evening fellow Anglers. I only started last year but when it comes to fish care is the most overlooked subject in the carp community. I see pros on videos not always paying giving the fish full attention. In august i got stopped by a a fishery owner half way taking a photograph with my catch. His advise was beat i ever had. Use your common sense!. I was holding the fish high up above the ground he didn't like it and rightly so. From hooking the fish to letting it out there is a lot to consider. From sharpness of the hook so it doesn't ruin its mouth to a bit of tubing so the line doesn't cut into the body of fighting fish to a big net so fish is not squished like a stress ball or a big enough mat so if you do drop it while taking a photo it lands on a bed of feathers and don't get concussion. From your gear to your approach and forward planning as some anglers said above. Use your common sense and ALWAYS TREAT YOUR CARP BETTER THAN YOUR WIFE
  4. Hi mate i know im 6 months to late but i use Vitalin mixed with particles of your choice 50/50 mix add liquid attracts of your choice bit of cloudy ground bait and works a treat. I been introduced to it by a friend and it is a killer on 2 of our local Venus. One in particular. I been told by some anglers they customize it to the venue. Adding boilie crumb and pellets etc.
  5. I fish with the korda baitup method feeder and its been the most effective for me on this venue. Its true i tend to get same size fish from same spot. We tried several options behind the island to left of it and right of the island and results were the same. Only when i used a popup dumbell and fished it in open water away from the island i got my biggest fish. I wonder if moving away towards the end of the lake where people dont fish very often would make a difference. It narrows down a bit and has few trees covering the bank with wind blowing that way most of the time. I was shadowing a mate who introduced me to this venue and the feeder with the bait we use. This season i want to explore the lake a bit more. People fish it in different ways. Surface, pellets boilies even though they are not allowed. And for the most part my mate and i seem to be catching the most out of all on a session. Apart from this veteran who fishes of the surface with rods pointing to the sky sat in a home made pvc pipe rod stand. I want to enhance the mix im using with bigger particles and pellets perhaps but i dont want them to melt when bait is brewing for 24hrs and once its done its so sticky its hard to mix it with anything.
  6. Thats right. I find it most intriguing how smart the fish are. I believe in the most basic approach. At the end of the day its a relaxing hobby. It should be fun and enjoyable. I only just started doing my rigs and found d the most simple rig was most effective. Sharp hook and good bait at end of it.
  7. Its all one big mystery to me. When i was young and i used to go fishing with my dad we would take bread and sweet corn and catch fish all day. Now you need a van full of bait and tackle to outsmart the fish. I personally think k its our own fault because someone e decided to up their game a bit which required more gear and hey presto Nash and Korda are born. Even so the stuff that's out there alone is not enough to get a fish on the bank. What do we know, it will be spring soon and we wont have time to post on here because we will be to busy catching carp
  8. I only started last year carp fishing and i see all these pros on you tube and on the lake and i never seen anyone more serious about their business. I agree with it all but do carp really pick and chose what they eat or how they are caught? I mean if you land on the fish than surly you will catch it regardless of whats on the end of your hair. I might be wrong but either way cant beat carp fishing
  9. Thats a valid point as my biggest was of my usual spot. Most i caught were by an island and biggest one i caught was away in open water where some say the bigger fish are.
  10. Thanks guys and a happy New Year to everyone !!! Lake is very good for surface fishing they seem to catch the bigger fish. Thank you for the reply. I will definitely tweak my approach and bait a little. As to the winter it was 12 degrees yesterday and it was fairly warm. Fish were jumping out the water like it was summer. I never seen a 20 + being caught in that lake so i guess rumours it is. The bait mix i use on this lake is unique no one else seems to be using it and in all honesty catches the most fish in a session. In summer only 2 other guys catch as much. Its my first year and if it wasn't for my friend who has been on the lake for years i would be one of the other anglers. I will post my results after my next session. Lol that's a picture from the summer. Yesterday i had mine jacket and thermals on.
  11. Hi everyone, Firstly, what a great website and amazing posts from top anglers. I started fishing a local lake holds good head of carp up to 25 lbs. In summer i been using pigeon conditioner with Vitalin and fish sauce using a method feeder. In spring and summer i catch around 15 to 18 fish in a 8 hour session ( easy venue) however the biggest is only ever around 14 lbs. I use 4inch rig size 8 hook with double pop up corn yellow and pink on top. How do i catch the bigger fish? I tried different spots on the lake but same result. I been today got only 4 in a session but again all around 10lbs. I love even the smallest fish but i would like to target the bigger fish. Boilies are not permitted on this lake.
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