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  1. I've just been to a fabulous lake run by Magna Lakes at Sheepy Magna. It's situated between some new houses at Rodney Gardens which leads to Trout Ponds Farm (there is neither a trout pond nor a farm) Monks lake is a day fishery at £10 per day. There is another lake but this is a syndicate water.
  2. I live in Bloxwich which is about 30 miles away and I didn't want to make a wasted journey, although I drive past The Riddings lakes to grt to the fishery at Trout Ponds Farm so I suppose that I could go thete on the way back.
  3. notify me by email on: sidsnape@live.com
  4. Re last comment on Trout Pond Farm. These pools are in Sheepy Magna accessed between the new houses opposite the big house that looks like a large victorian house on the edge of the village.
  5. Hello everyone. I was a member at 3 lovely pools at Trout Pond Farm. The membership was cheap but this was reflected in the facilities.(There weren't any ).A good days sport could be had with a good cross section of fish ranging from very small gudgeon, roach ,skimmer, up to common and mirror carp up to 30lb.It has now been sold to a syndicate who have made some welcome improvements and the price has gone up 700%!!. Who runs the two pools now does anyone out there know. One pool is (made from joining two pools together)and this is apparently the syndicate lake.The other pool is to be day ticket. In my opinion the first lake,the day ticket one holds the bigger fish.A pal of mine ran out of hook to nylon 10lb and used eyed hook to 18lb line direct and was broken on both a mirror and a couple of commons during one session in September.It is rumoured that the new owner is going to take all of the bigger fish out of the first lake and put them in the syndicate pool
  6. There were three pools at Trout Pond Farm,but the new owner has made two of the pools into one To get there you go to the new houses the road is called Rodney Drive and drive to end of road and follow the track towards the farmhouse. The first pool you come to on the left (about 100m) There is a gateway leading to the car park and to the second pool. Last year it cost me as a pensioner £40. The new owner wants £300.!!!
  7. Does anyone know the phone number of Boundary farm at Olton Nr Tamworth. I used to fish in Sheepy Magna but the membership has gone from £40 to £300. Yes that's it £300
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