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  1. I've briefly heard about but can't find any information about a lake around 2 acres in size near Ludborough in Lincolnshire. Does anyone know anything of the sort? Can't seem to turn up any information. Otherwise what waters are known around Louth/Grimsby/Cleethorpes area in NE Lincolnshire. Looking for things that aren't the usual commercial venues. Fulstow was where I really got into my fishing as a kid, plagued by rats then and I think the same ones are a few feet long by the sounds of it now. Any tips on syndicates in the area would be appreciated. Got one lined up a few hours away fr
  2. Right, it's been another pricey week but I'm near enough done buying tackle (yeah, right) for a good few years as far as I'm concerned. 3x Black Label Sliks (Purple) with 3x Micro heads and 3x mini swingers Nash Scope Black Ops bag (60l one) Trakker NXG compact 5 rod Avid Carp Compact Cradle Sonik SK-Tec weigh sling Bison Stainless and Carbon Fiber 3 rod goal post buzz bars A few bits of terminal tackle, hooks, braid, controller floats, etc. I think I'm close to being pretty lightweight and mobile, even for 48 hour sessions. If I could just tackle the bedchair issue then I
  3. Firstly, I could do with some background info on bobbins and bite indication. For example, what do you use for short range, medium distance and long range fishing? How are they set? What about weather conditions such as wind? Tight lines vs slack lines?! Give me all the info you have.... Is there anything that can be done to help indicate lateral movement on the line? Secondly, what system or set up should I be looking at to suit the situations you have presented?! Go on, recommend something for me Tight lines to those out over the weekend!
  4. I suspect that's where things started out before various companies started to market them as angling equipment. I'll be doing the same myself bud so thumbs up from me!
  5. I just don't like the idea of cracking my head on the internal pitch point on the brolly. It's also 100 quid more than a good quality tarp and 3x2.2m tarp that comes in at 1.1kg. Only need one support and a few pegs. Still doing research if there is anything better but 130 for a brolly when I already have a bivvy seems a bit of a splash of cash to me.
  6. I'm seriously considering some kind of tarp for keeping dry on day sessions and getting in the summer over night sessions. 3 or 4 pegs and one or two poles to keep the front up. Nice and quick to take down, bungee to a rod bag and move swims
  7. Goals for this year are to just get back into the swing of things. I've given myself some targets just to spice things up and I'd be happy to come close to any one of them. Going to try and get on a syndicate that I like the look of - big reservoir and some nice fish in there for sure. Start off trying to just get into something for a few sessions on Oak at Old Mill Lakes first. May have a crack at Willow. But more importantly, above anything else, spend some time tooling about on the bank and winding my brother up. Been 10 years since we've been carping together!
  8. Already got a bivvy mate but a brolly would certainly makes sense! Will figure out what it all comes in as and how to pack when it's in front of me and I've got a few small bags kicking about I can use to get started. Not rushing into a decision just yet on it all.
  9. I never eat much and don't drink much tea so if I pack it right then it can stay in the bottom for the most part. Will try and pack it right so I shouldn't need much towards the bottom in a rush. Maybe the ground sheet folded up as a separation layer if the bivvy is coming out as they don't fit in the same bag very well (* me on a bank swearing at it as I'm trying to pack it in a gale). I can't see me needing the outer skin until Oct/Nov time. Just trying to keep things the same as much as possible, rivers, pits, res, day or night. That way I can sneak in more hours on the bag and less h
  10. Out of interest, what did you have in your bag? For sure I'm open to suggestions So far I think mine will have..... (bottom to top) Sleeping bag Dry clothes if I think I need it Brewing up stuff and snap Powerbank and tunes (I promise to by quiet ) Camera gear Buzz bars Alarms Carp care (should probably just go under the sleeping bag - blankety blank) Catapult/Throwing Stick/Spomb Bait (mesh boilie bags/glugs/pop ups/zigs Leads Rig box That's off the top of my head. Can't think what else right now, too late in the day for me.
  11. Again, thanks mate. For now I need to get into some fishing before I make any more rod choices I think. Will have a read through for my next set of decision making though
  12. Yeah, I've been umming and ahhing about the second spool but I think for sure some with fluorocarbon on for the shallows will be needed in the arsenal, mainly my snagging.
  13. I'm tend to agree mate but I think it depends on the places I'm fishing as well. If you end up in a rainy October trying to drag a haul the barrow through a load of mud it might be easier to walk. Stiles being the other obstacle that springs to mind. I used to fish some big reservoirs and there was a lot of log fall across paths, parts where you needed to find a path and parts where is was waterlogged by a couple of inches. Of course YMMV, even day to day. I'm certainly not disagreeing though, with or without a bivvy and bed chair on on the right water fishing straight off the barrow could
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