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  1. What do you guys think about the Fox Warrior S 10’ 3.0TC? I just ordered 2 with Daiwa regal 4500s that I plan to spool either 30-40lb braid, as I fish in very rocky snagged waters that will nick up mono (requiring a lot of time to re-tie) and will cut thin braid (10lb-15lb)
  2. Keep in mind, I will only be buying and using a marker float, not the spod!
  3. So once again I’m posting in the UK forum with a USA carp question, but the us forums aren’t nearly as frequented so I figured I’d come here for a fast better answer. So I just recently ordered two 10 foot fox warrior s rods and I was going to get a marker float and maybe a spomb. Now I’ve heard you need a marker and spod rof for fishing with them. I see the spod as the bait can be quite heavy, but what about a marker, it’ll be used with the same lead weight as my normal fishing, do I still need another rod? Also I didn’t go 12’ since I’m relatively small 5’ 8” so the 10 foots feel a lot better to me!
  4. Yah, I take fish health seriously too my friend, don’t want fish poppin up dead... here up north I can get into the 10-15 range commons without a fit, down in Texas I was able to get in the 15-20 not to hard both with commons and grass. Unfortunately no pretty mirrors here, or if there are they are few and far between!
  5. Okay, would that be like cracked corn or... I’m not sure what you mean? Maybe this (see attached image)
  6. Ah! That’s why! I never realized that, I appreciate it man, I don’t want fish popping up dead in my swim
  7. Thanks for the quick responses guys! But can someone explain to me why it needs to be boilied, I know it makes it soft but I’m not using it for a hookbait so i don’t particularly need it to be soft??? Also what about cracked corn, does that need to be boiled etc.?
  8. So I’m a carp fisherman here in the United States, NE region. The majority of my method mix, groundbait, packbait, stuff for pre-baitin, whatever you call it is made of oats, flavoring, (usually jello packets!) sweet corn, and sometimes bird seed. I have been able to find large bags of oats and bird seed at the local feed store and I was wondering if I can use deer/feed corn? I’ve seen people say you have to boil it??? What does this do, I’m assuming make it soft, but if I just want to use it for chumming do I need to? As I won’t need to put it on a hair... any information on this and other potential good mixes of any kind would be appreciated! (New here btw) The exact bag at the local feed store is featured in the image
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