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  1. Ok I'll stick with some foam, cheers fella I will have a search and read through
  2. I was thinking of giving the maggots a go tied to a slice of cork as I've had some pretty good success on another lake fishing maggot clips and a big bunch of maggots tied up to the hook using a mini swivel (medusa rig?) The only thing that is making me think twice about that method is the huge number of silvers I've seen in the lake I'm going to next. do you think a larger size hook and a bigger bunch of maggots will keep the silvers for pestering me too much? Thanks for the reply
  3. Cheers mate, will definitely give the adjustable zigs a go seems a bit better than having to tie up new ones when I fancy changing the depth, I've watched a few vids on zigs and it was always the netting portion I couldn't wrap my head around but fishing a drop off makes a lot of sense I dont usually go for heavy leads but I do have a few 3.5oz pears kicking about I think so I'll give those a go.
  4. Hello everyone, was hoping for some advice on zig rigs. I'm going to be fishing a hard lake soon that I have only ever caught off the top from but they have recently banned surface fishing so was planning to give a zig a go. I know the basics of zigs on how to tie them and to find the depth of the swim and start at 2/3rd depth and then adjust from there. Was just wondering what colours of foam should I try? I was going to go with black as its been bright and very hot out, should I loose feed hemp over the top of the zig or would that just get the birds to bother me? the other thing is that there is a part of the lake that is around 12ft deep, if i fish a 10 foot zig how hard is it to net the fish once its hooked? (if i nab a fish at all) one last thing would be the lead set up, should i go with a heavy lead or a lighter one using a lead clip or an inline with a ring swivel or a normal swivel? I would appreciate any and all advice with zig fishing as I have never fished with them before thanks all
  5. Hello everyone, was hoping for some advice from more seasoned fisherman then my self. I'm looking to get some new rods as i broke one of my old ones so thought that was a good enough excuse to get some new ones in. I've been using 12ft 3.5tc and was thinking of getting some 10ft 3lb ones instead is there any real draw backs with using 10ft vs 12s? I don't fish at any real distances. I would say 100 yards is by far the furthest I fish so casting distance shouldn't be an issue. So far I've narrowed the choice down to these Avid traction Sonik Dominator x Greys prodigy GT4 Daiwa crosscast If anyone can recommend any better rods or any info will be a great help. Hoping to spend around the £150 mark for 2 rods and I don't mind buying some 2nd hand rods if they are a better quality
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