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  1. Hi all, I just wanted to give an update in case anyone was wondering. As you all took time to help me out and give some pointers I thought it was only fair. I bought 2x Free Spirit E-class bank creeper rods. They are 10ft and approx 2.5lb Test curve. They are great rods. So far we have caught carp from 5lb up to 17lb on them. They are so light but feel great quality. They bend lots but feel there is plenty of power to deal with much bigger fish. Thanks again for everyone's advice.
  2. Would a 5lb carp feel much fight on a 2.5 test curve?
  3. We are trying a bit of everything. We have used bread on the surface, bottom baits and pop ups. The lakes are small probably 70 yards would be the furthest you can cast.
  4. Thanks all. My old small rod I have is 10-30g? Its 7ft.
  5. I am fairly new to Carp fishing having taken my son (9yrs) fishing and him loving it we have both got into it together. I was given a free, 'third' hand rod which I believe was a spinning fishing rod which I took to a lake near us. We ended up catching a few tench and a carp on it. Having had such fun and after going a few more times I bought my son a new rod for his birthday. A Nash 6ft 3lb scope rod. Everything about it is perfect - size, build etc. But as we are only catching small carp, I feel the fun has been taken out of the catching/playing of the fish. The carp we are catching are 4-7lbs so small and although still very enjoyable we no longer get the fight or the bend in the rod like we used to. We are trying to catch bigger ones, and in the lakes we fish they go up to mid twenties but we cant seem to catch these. I am thinking I may have made a mistake buying him a 3lb test curve rod? However our lakes are quite snaggy so people say you need a stronger rod for the snags. The lakes are also small so no need to cast any real distance. What I think we need is a smaller than 12ft rod. A rod that will bend with a fight of a very small carp. But a rod strong enough to handle a bigger fish and able to get clear of the snags. Is there a rod out there that would fit the bill? I have seen stalking rods which are smaller but these have similar test curves to the 3lb one we have. Or should I go back to my original rod!?
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