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  1. Id have a go at bracebridge though mate if I was you, the root is known for carp now And it's fished a lot, no one fished the bridge and no one has caught a carp from it that I have heard if, it's a lot bigger, better spots, better pegs, more secluded pegs to dig yourself into, less public round there aswell, plus you've got the pub on there incase you need it, there's deffo carp in there it's the mystery lake in the park in my eyes, the more challenging one but would be so rewarding to pull something out of there, there is 100% nothing over 20-25 in the root now, plus all the carp in there ar
  2. look out for the wooden platform in the middle of the lake ( not sure if it's still there haven't been down there for over a year now) also there's a good spot on the end of the dam not the rangers yard side but the opposite wooded side, go along the bankside and there's a couple of workable pegs, I've chucked a marker out and found gravel/hard spots there about 40 yards out, I'd assume the dam itself would be a good place to fish from I'd put money on the carp cruising the dam after dark, they've been in there for tens of years they no when the park closes they no when the park empties
  3. There is definitely carp in there for sure but id be surprised if there was anything over 20-25ib in the root, you'll find carp in almost every lake there in abundance now compared to back in the 80s and so on, you'll probably pull out decent carp from lakes like small Heath park, cannon hill park ect but it's down to the scenery and the winderness of the lake for me, i bet there is some big carp in wyndley lake aswell as it's a big water plus it's constantly fed with breed from the locals, only thing is you can't fish it plus the only fish able bank is the dam side, I've even looked st t
  4. Shard end lake and babbs mill lake have some big old girls in there but I'd only do a overnighter if I had a mate from the sas with me there,
  5. I'd say salford has calmed down a lot now, it's a bonus there is a roadworks site under the motorway opposite the lake, I know there's a man on security there every night so I tend to fish the river side close to there compound as if I get any agro I'd just give them boys a shout, I've done overnighters on most lakes around brum and been fine, also mate I would insure your fishing tackle, it only costs a few quid a month and for the piece of mind it's worth it, fosters do tackle insurance also have a look at the two lakes in great Barr behind the old st margrets hospital, beautiful
  6. All the big carp are dead in the root or have either been poached or removed, I haven't seen a big carp in there not heard of a catch from there for a couple years now, all the old girls from beyondthebivvy door pages have died, there might be some pasties in there but nothing of size, ive heard rumors of a 40 in Powell s pool and cats in there too but again I have seen any photos but to be fair if I caught a 40 from there I wouldn't tell anyone neither, something makes me believe it as I see the same bunch of lads fishing it when I go down, and judging by the gear they look like they n
  7. went down to this warrens hall a few weeks ago now, just found this post online, i know its a few years old now, the warrens hall section of the park i had a walk round but no real interest as they look like there fisheries all got fishing pegs and banks along them, i had a walk down to the bumble hole swan pool and had a walk around there sat there for a hour with the dog watching, saw a few bubbles but no shows of fish, i went back the week later with a marker rod and bag of boilies, chopped and flaked, few chick peas and corn mix, i knew the lake would be silty due to the amount of trees an
  8. what species are you after mate ? avon is a nice river ive only ever fished it down by fladbury, evesham, the river severn has some cracking carp in, but its what sections to fish, trimpley reservoir back of there on the severn is a good slow deep section of the river, i can put money on it theres some monsters in there,
  9. cuttle mill is in sutton coldfield area of birmingham, very nice area, will cost you a min of 20 quid a night to fish it, very posh carp fishery, great old carp in there as well stocked from france, great tranquil lake, peaceful secure, it's a fishery so has all the requirements ect, there is a lake at the back of the ramada hotel in walmley, you'll see it on google maps don't know what the lakes called, i've heard of some great fish in there but that goes years back, i'm not sure who owns it, i just think its a scenery piece for the hotel so most likely run by ramada, although i have he
  10. salford carl, i dont suppose you fish salford do you ??
  11. salford park/aston reservoir, great course and carp lake, id say less than 20 carp in the lake, some run upto 30ib now, you will struggle to catch them, the lake is very pressured with fishing, can be a bit dodgy fishing the lake, alot of idiots on there alot of the time but still a great lake if you like he urban scenery, plantsbrook nature reserve, great pike fishing, think there might be some carp lurking in there too, hardly fished, very quiet, is pitch black on the night times, and quite eerie, ive chucked a marker out and got depths of 22ft on the big lake, used to be run on a memb
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