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  1. Lurkio

    June Catches

    I expect if I were fishing in the middle of a thunderstorm they'd be a few floaters under my rod tip.... 😉
  2. Got to be honest..... I'm a bit of a tart and tried this a few years ago. It did not have the desired effect. I went over to Black JAG safe liners with green isotopes in them. Can be seen from 100 yards away, very tarty.....😁
  3. Lurkio

    June Catches

    I'll be sitting right on my rods next week Geezer. No more pads for me.... Cos it was raining on Monday I was under my brolly and those couple of split seconds more it took me to get to my rods hampered me.
  4. It's been out with the testers for about 3 or 4 months now. I have been assured it will be available to buy in time for my French trip. It's getting cracking reviews.
  5. This looks cushty.... http://www.eastdelphlakes.com/home.html
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