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  1. Oh ok! So GLM and so will be 1 kg + additives, not 900 grams mix + additives... Right??
  2. Thank you for your answer! Every help is really appreciated! Luckily lately it's easy to get every Ingredient here In Italy too at home i have other few things I could use, GLM, live and inactive yeast, hydro liver, hydro emoglobin.... For liquids I have much flavours, nutramino, true blood (liquid emoglobin), liquid Robin red,molasses...do you suggest to Incorporate any of this?
  3. Hi guys, I'm Maicol from Italy and I am pretty new to self made boilie. On a book from Roberto Ripamonti, a famous Italian carp angler, I found a recipe that should come from Jim Gibbinson.-25% CLO-25% Milk-20% fish (I used LT94)-20% semolina-10% wheat glutenI was interested in a boilies that was cheap but effective with few ingredients. I usually do day fishing, or weekend... So no more than 3/4 on the bank every session.How would you improve this recipe??Please explain what you would change and why! I wanna hear ideas from people who are more experienced so I will help me growing my boilie making passion. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone!! I'm Maicol from Italy, I'm sure being on this forum will help me grow this passion for fishing!
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