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  1. Baiting spoon mate? Tacklebox do 12 metre ones reasonable
  2. What happened there? lol hello me, how are you? Oh Hi leonard yes I'm fine thanks, you? Erm, well yes I'm also fine, funnily enough, you? Erm.... hmmmm... yes
  3. Sounds a bit like my venue On some lakes they do move around a LOT which makes all this swim hopping ''getting on them'' nonsense the bigshots force down our throats in the media a complete waste of time mate Can I suggest doing a long session of 72 hours or so, sitting on your hands with minimal bait out, waiting for them to come to you and having rigs out before they arrive? (Good book or two helps)! PS one thing overlooked in silt is, I think, just use a big 18mm boilie, far less chance of it wahsing out quickly, i.e try matching the hatch, I don't go for the flash littl
  4. The Matrix bait soak is special, on some lakes it is genuinely lethal Something to do with all the Vitamin E is what makes it so effective apparently I did well on a tough dayticket using the goo AND the soak, I dried it on between glugs, sort of like 'priming' the baits, the goo first and the oil on top.. magic days ; )
  5. Yeah vitalin mix only, or birdfood content.. you have to be careful with PVA mesh bags of groundbait. I've been there, reeled in in the morning to find the hook still embedded in a ball of groundbait, even the mesh was still intact as I'd put so much oil in the mix (yuk, lol) Frank Warwick goes over this subject, he says you need (if I remember rightly) about minimum 10% birdfood in there such as Red Factor or CLO as it ''explodes'' any mix Same thing with method feeders, if I wanted to use that I would replace the breadcrumb content simply with a Haiths ready mix (Honey Red bei
  6. A clever particle mix can be deadly, sure Check out Frank Warwick's every bit of blue, you'd definitely enjoy his bait sections Rod Hutchinson was the king of particles though, pioneered all that, you could do FAR worse than use his famous ''Redmire blend'' of maples, tares and hemp, couldn't tell you the ratio off the top of my head sorry I'm past all that myself, as In I just mean bait doesn't interest me much any more, I only ever made one DIY mix, it was very expensive to build and it was at a time in my fishing life when I had the patience of spoilt baby anyway so I ditched
  7. Yes indeed. Premier, like most bait companies, would never sell something ready for use that wasn't safe to be thrown in by the bucketload if that's what an angler (who had the money) wished to do with it! Obviously they all sell concentrated flavours, but they are very clear about dosages on those. Some people do use very small amounts of neat flavour as a bait ''shine'' for hookbaits and swear by it mind
  8. Yeah, sure, tinkering about with bait is super fun Rather than think of it as a Goo, which whether you are looking at the old Premier stuff or the new stuff has very scret recipes, why not think of it as just a liquid or glug, or soak whatever you want to call it mate, that way you will find no end of ideas and help with it, glug making has I'm sure been well covered on here in the past? Anyway tight lines and good luck
  9. meant to say in that enormous original post which took me ages, lol Groundbait is the perfect carrier for particle, I'd personally much rather use a small bit in a groundbait catty or sling thing than use a noisy spomb (tacklebox still doing groundbait casting slings if anybody's interested, just about, if you're quick) you can send a casting sling thing it MILES further than any spod or spomb, FW talks at length about slinging groundbait in Every Bit Of Blue, He called it a ''cataspod'' lol, I think he sent a ball of groundbait 280 yards (no kidding, measured formally at a show)..
  10. Exactly what I said in a long winded way mate lol Premier's Fish Goo was around for (20)? Years before the neon flash stuff came along
  11. Try the Premier Fish Goo stuff we've been on about, that would be hard to better IMO It is literally like a bovril paste made from fish extract of some sort (secret naturally) enzymes or proteins, L zero type stuff, I have no idea what is is, and never will as they would never tell me!!!!!!!!!!!1 I wouldn't be worried about matching flavours, I fell into that trap years ago and you simply end up spending too much. I would simply make a liquid for use over any bait, there's a whole World of possibility out there, I used prawn shell stock before, the really sweet proper frozen whole ''
  12. Nah just had a good look, they've gone, probably not selling.
  13. I saw them on ebay not long ago at all mate, will have another look about later
  14. The plastic coating is another story, plastic is a known pollutant which leaks chemicals and doesn't break down.. Maybe, just maybe, that would be banned and not the leads? I'm no expert and might be wrong that it even is plastic in Korda lead coatings (Argon? Something like that, whatever that is)!, besides their new coating seems more like a paint job of some kind, anyway I wouldn't care less about coatings personally and would be happy using bare lead Maybe leads are totally safe in water, I dunno, it is of course used in roofing so it must then be (pretty much) safe in air as wel
  15. I cannot seem to re-find those clear fishing leads, they appeared in the mags before with Colin Davidson seen using them in features. Anyone got a link, info? To be honest I will be happy on Stonze if anything kicks off, I fish a small water, dunno what the big casters will do on the big pits etc, maybe they will have to share bait boats between them!?
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