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  1. There is nothing of any sort on the PAC website that summer fishing ''kills'' pike, there is only a guide that they need extra careful handling So I am still waiting for proof, which nobody can provide, that summer pike fishing is dangerous to them
  2. A ''big scientific report'' that nobody can provide a link to/proof, and has no presence whatsoever on the ENTIRE internet
  3. I'm not And maybe a big roach on light gear might open your mind There is more to life than carp fishing, and more to lakes than carp, but you will never know so that's your problem
  4. I would as I'm a massive tackle tart It makes me happy and I fish better when I'm happy Everything has to be matching, level, and very high quality I would cancel the trip if I lost a precious premium steel bankstick and had to use a cheap, powder coated storm pole instead (obviously I couldn't use a powder coated bankstick as even if I found that I had one in my possession by mistake, it would go straight to the charity shop)
  5. I tried short rigs on my venue and they didn't work, so I used longer ones and started catching. I must have imagined it all though and I'm very, very sorry for giving my opinion. I am also extremely sorry for liking my expensive stainless steel, I will throw it all away immediately and buy some tacky old powder coated rubbish like you use. Every time I bought that in the past it broke on me but I shall just keep buying it as I was wrong and you're right. I will send you both some money, and will never come onto the forum again and say what my opinion is about something. Once again I apologise, deeply, and will send you £100 each when I have saved up. Please allow me two weeks as I will need to arrange extra hours at work. Once again, I am extremely sorry. I was on this thread earlier having a lot of very in depth chats about my thoughts on rigs. I am sorry that I didn't mean what I mean and that you didn't like them. I must be going mad as you have clearly read into what I was really thinking, in a really clever way.
  6. Yes it would, and that would be lovely, but the rods must be carp rods mate unfortunately. There are no ''grey areas'' with this bailiff, lol Interestingly many bass anglers use the exact setup you just mentioned but with 10 or 12lb line and bigger hooks (obviously the sea is not really the place for 8lb line, on the whole, although I have used it for mullet)
  7. All light lines and small hooks are banned there mate, it's too snaggy for anything light, by light lines I mean anything under 10lb, only 15 is allowed there Yes I have sort of made my mind up since writing this but was just looking for a hook which has a really tiny barb, if there is one out there, i.e a whisker, micro barb or some such People catch big roach on hair rigged 15mm boilies and size 6 hooks all the time, so I'm not afraid of using a size 8 The whole point is that a big carp can be landed safely on the setup (and by the way a big carp is commonly considered to be 25lb+) If I go to the rods you suggest I will be kicked off the lake mate as general coarse, match type fishing is banned there
  8. I am on a lake where general coarse fishing with light lines is banned as the carp are too big and strong The idea is to use old fashioned 2lb test curve rods designed for carp (I am well used to them and can handle large carp on them. Test curve is misunderstood and fairly meaningless anyway, but that's another story for another time). Point is they will be through actioned enough and sort of almost soft and fun enough to play big roach on, and in fact perfect for big eels. Question is, what hook? There is a barbed only rule, so the barb must be absolutely tiny so as not to hurt a big roach too much. (I want the possibility of large roach, or large eels, Eels I know will take a size 8 hook easily). I am not dropping to a 12, no way, and would be happier with a smaller than normal, strong size 8 preferably.. point being the hook must be strong enough for carp The hook must also accept a strong braid hooklink as I am not dropping down any line strengths anywhere
  9. My venue has big roach and in it which are unknown and unexplored as far as angling goes, but monsters have been seen, also huge eels I am planning on bringing soft carp rods* to have a go for both if my June carp trip is interrupted by a first or second spawn or whatever, or if they have a lot of spawnings *(no form of match type fishing is allowed there, hence need to use carp rods which are soft/through action) The trip coming up soon I will be having a go for the pike if the carp spawning happens Thanks for the likes, I hope it helps others realise there are other options in most lakes and spawning carp do not always mean the end of the World
  10. Any decent angler will treat any fish with great care and plenty of fresh lake water splashed over it and the massive cradle mat, in the shade That should go without saying and be perfectly obvious with any fish that swims in any freshwater venue I have just had a really good look all over the net and the ONLY info about summer pike fishing being a hazard to their health that I could find anywhere is when they are suffering a phenomenon called ''gassed up'', which is rare anyway apparently with many experts never having caught a gassed up one in decades I have never known any venue ban summer pike fishing except for the reason that the lake is far too busy with coarse anglers, there are a lot of articles about from expert pike anglers reccommending summer as the perfect time to catch pike on lures and spinners
  11. If you have booked a session and the carp suddenly start spawning, here's a tip: Pike fish instead with lures, can be great fun Or bring some groundbait and worms and fish for general coarse fish No need to try and pull out of the booking and let the lake down, and no need to go home either, you never know you might have fun doing something different You can't watch a worm bait all night (beep... beeeeep.. beep............................beep.... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.beeeep) and pike don't feed at night, so have a few beers and go to sleep listening to the carp having their annual frolic, then start again with the lures in the morning If the venue has weed, use a floating lure, and obviously fish well away from the sha***ng carp... sorted
  12. People need to be wary of the trend for short hooklinks As I explained earlier at length they only suit smaller fish over clean, flat clay.. Yes they are effective and you will convert lots of bites - (from doubles)...
  13. Just get Matrix Super Slinky - job done problem solved. I got sick and tired of trying this and that cheap bankware only to have it flake out on me (and some not so cheap rip offs already mentioned in thread title) Expensive, yes of course it is. Matrix is properly UK hand made, but it won't fail you, ever, and looks superb And it isn't that heavy, certainly nothing like as heavy as chunky stainless
  14. I have no idea and what do I care anyway, if you think I'm buying glued on bank stinks, think again You might be prepared to buy overpriced rubbish, I'm not Anyway as Yonny said they are supposed to take more time and pin them on properly
  15. Some sort of in joke which they won't explain mate, I wouldn't bother asking
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