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  1. Machali

    August catches

    What a beauty monster! Congrats!
  2. Machali

    August catches

    While looking for a 20's, found that little 5lb comon. Not a big carp, but a beautiful one Looking for that 20's next saturday !
  3. Machali

    August catches

    Well, if you are allowed to catch and eat, you can catch them, eat their flesh, and boil the rest of the body in water when boiling your boilies
  4. Machali

    August catches

    They are an awesome bait to barbel too
  5. I think there no problem mixing diferent bait, i do it too but with a slighly diference... I don't mix diferents types of boilies. My recipes takes some wheat, hemp, bird food, a bit of sweet corn, some pellets (various sizes) and boilies (a bit of crumble + chopped boilies), but just with one type of boilies. I do it to try the boilies, and always fish with the same boilies i baited. In long sessions (24hr or more) I would mix more than one type of boilies just to try to see what boilies work better in that water. Add chopped boiles and a bit of crumble of 2 or 3 different boilies to the mix, bait an area and cast to there, trying one diferent boilie on one different rod.
  6. You stepson is right! The river starts in Spain (Albarracín Moutain), cruises Portugal until find the Ocean near Lisbon. That bridge is the 25th April Bridge ("From 1966–1974, the bridge was named Salazar Bridge (Ponte Salazar) in honor of Portuguese Prime Minister António de Oliveira Salazar. After the Carnation Revolution which overthrew the remnants of Salazar's dictatorship, the bridge was renamed for April 25, the date of the revolution." from wikipedia)
  7. Some week ago I left my landing net (for fly fishing) at home. At the sunrise arrived at the lake, prepared my fly fish equipment and discovered the unique landing net Inthe car was a 42" (not good to take around a reservoir). Imagine a fly fisherman, with a 42" landing net inside a t-shirt. That was me 😂
  8. I usually use barbless hook if I'm using size 2/4/6, but if I use smaller hook, I'll choose barbed or micro-barbed. With small hooks is very easy to lose a big carp if isn't barbed
  9. Is really big, but not a reservoir. Is the Tagus river, photo taken near Vila Velha de Ródão
  10. I am thinking about replace my rods for a set of 3 daiwa black widow (50mm butt ring) from amazon, take a look https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daiwa-Black-Widow-2-75lb-Fishing/dp/B01N95Z7KA/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?keywords=Daiwa+New+G50+Black+Widow+Range+Set+of+3+Carp+Fishing+Rods&qid=1564762565&s=gateway&sr=8-2-fkmr1
  11. Welcome ! You'll find here very helpful info and very nice people here :) Take a look in the forum, do your questions and sure you'll find your answers. Have a nice weekend, in the bank!
  12. One of the most stunning places where I fished this year!
  13. So probably the fish will keep the same habits some hours after the fire? I'll may investigate it next week
  14. Hello everyone ! Like the topic title, i am trying to understand how the fish behave after a forest fire. Probably you have heared about forest fires in Portugal (an huge problem every summer here) and this week, the lake where i am spending the most of my carp sessions was affected by it. There were no victims and the fire was extinguished 27 hour after the first ignition detected. The flames stopped in one of the margins of the lake what helped the fight againsty the flames. https://twitter.com/i/status/1154083874944638977 Does anyone of you have an idea of how the fish may behave after that?
  15. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Waiting for those photos Is the same material? Awesome, i may have 20 stores in my city selling flip flops
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