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  1. A must-have for those winter sessions!
  2. I read somewhere on internet that fermented particles works really nice, but rotten particles can make fish move away from the swim for weeks... My bucket has a bit of mold in
  3. Sorry to know about your losses guys. Hope the best for you and your family 🙏
  4. I'll do the test! Thank you mate! Other question: As we know, carp has a really sensitive smell sense. How should i wash the sour smell from it? I don't like to use cleaning products on my bait buckets because of chemicals used in those products
  5. Hello guys! Some weeks ago i scheduled a session with a friend, filled a bucket with corn to soak it before boil to pre-bait the swim. We had to re-schedule, and i forgot the bucket full of corn. So it is soaking since october 13! Should i take it to the garbage and prepare a new bucket, or boil that same corn? I prepare my own particles (corn, wheat, hemp seed, bird food) respecting the preparation guide posted by yonny, but never leaved it for so much time, and i don't know if the quality of it can be compromised.
  6. Hello everyone! Looking for new lines for my reels, found that Shimano Aero Specimen Line 18lb @ 5£. Never used it. Did anyone used it? any opinion about it? other recommendations?
  7. When the water has low levels, some of them goes river down, looking for deeper waters and survive... but many of them dies because they get trapped in little puddles
  8. I love to fish doesnt matter where! 😀 But now this one is the closest to my home, i go there when my time is limited! I have a river at 8km from home, fished some carps and nice barbels, but right now is completly dry
  9. It's a fire fighter plane. This lake is huge, is very usual to see them here in summer... I thought fire season was over
  10. The saddest rodshot possible
  11. Machali

    August catches

    What a beauty monster! Congrats!
  12. Machali

    August catches

    While looking for a 20's, found that little 5lb comon. Not a big carp, but a beautiful one Looking for that 20's next saturday !
  13. Machali

    August catches

    Well, if you are allowed to catch and eat, you can catch them, eat their flesh, and boil the rest of the body in water when boiling your boilies
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