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  1. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Waiting for those photos Is the same material? Awesome, i may have 20 stores in my city selling flip flops
  2. Machali

    Zig fishing

    I thought on fluorocarbon because is "invisible" under water, but it's a sinking line, and i don't want to use zigs in the place of boilies Thanks for your help! I'll do a simple set-up for it. Running lead (between two bead stops) -> swivel -> an anti-tangle sleeve -> hooklink -> size 6 wide-gape hook -> bit of foam. Anything more?
  3. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Thanks you all mates! Now i have some ideas to work with zigs, ready for my first attempt next week :) Unfortunately i can't find a place in Portugal to buy zig foam. I'll have to buy it from Amazon. Fluorocarbon is a good choice to use as hooklink?
  4. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Thanks! I'll keep it for future my attempts with zigs :) You use it to create a "cloud" of food around the zig right?
  5. Machali

    Zig fishing

    I have know idea about it 😕 I believe that is a question of mindset.
  6. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Very simple Can i use pop-up for it? Or is better use zig foam?
  7. Machali

    July catches.

    Congratulations for the new PB! Nice job dude !
  8. Machali

    Zig fishing

    I don't know the amount of fish because it's a public reservoir. Unfortunately here in Portugal are many anglers who still have the tradition of catch & freeze instead catch & release I'm talking about the lake on the left, that little red point. Most anglers prefer to go to another lake near (less than 15km) because it's easier to fish there. I can tell you that the smallest carp i catched in the little one, was bigger that the bigger carp that i catched until today on the big lake.
  9. Machali

    Zig fishing

    I'm waiting for my vacations to wet my lines again! Give me a little help, do you spod over zigs? I saw it on a video from Korda, but when i spod i'm trying to create a bed of food on the bottom of the lake. But i will use zigs to fish on upper layers of water, not the bottom...
  10. Look this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/YI-capture-ActionCam-touchscreen-smartphone/dp/B01I40DE6Y/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?keywords=yi+camera&qid=1562425618&s=gateway&sprefix=yi+camer&sr=8-13 In the link you'll find the yi camera that records 4k at 20 fps and 1080p at 60fps. I have a friend who has one of those (but the 4k at 60fps version) and it's a very good camera. Search for Lemos Fishing on YouTube to see some clips
  11. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Thank you all for your replies. I'll try zig fishing for the first time next week! Wish me luck
  12. Did you ever tried french fries? 😂
  13. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Thank you Golden Paws. I never fished this way, but I really want to try that technique.
  14. Machali

    Zig fishing

    Hello! I didn't found any topic about zig fishing. So does anyone using zig? I want to try that approach but I know nothing about it. Let's talk about it?
  15. Machali

    June Catches

    An authentic beauty 👌
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