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  1. Hi, I have been reading a lot about casting to showing fish, but i am worried castng to them will spook them out of the area, are there any ways of getting around this/ advice on doing it corectly.. thanks Teo><
  2. I have salmon oil by CCmoore, how much would you reccomend using ( i fish short sessions with pva) thanks
  3. it was dynamite baits, marine halibut oil//?
  4. Hi, My question today is, can you use too much oil and does oil work only at certain temperatures. I tried the night at eatser, with it being minus 4 in the night and my boilies and pellets covered in oil, i had no bites all night, but when i used an oil-less mix, i caught almost instantly/: was this a coincidence or was it the oil putting them off.] Thanks
  5. Hi, i was wandering about coloring my boilies with food coloring, just the standard shop bought stuff. Would this work, or would itchange the mix's taste. I am using mainline 50/50 base mix with maple ade. Thanks Teo.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know about using a base mix in a PVA bag raw, would it release the scent or just be bitter. I am using mainline 50 50 base mix. Thanks Teo
  7. Haven't been yet , hopefully looking to start prebaiting thursday tho. Thanks
  8. No mate, this is part of a club water but this lake is neglected and never used. Club rules dont allow me to say where tho, sorry.
  9. Thanks mate, i will definitely try this. Sounds good and affordable
  10. Thanks for all the advice. Here is the lake that i am fishing.
  11. Thanks, there are carp in this lake as i have seen them from up a tree, should i bait the margin where i saw the carp only, or spread it out. Would the roach and bream not eat all of the corn as there is an abundance of these nuisance fish in the lake.
  12. Thanks, i'll try this.
  13. Thanks, mate will try this.
  14. Would this still work if the venue has a very low stock and the carp are very elusive
  15. Thanks, what would you reccomend on a limited budget, there are many small fish present such as roach and bream that can be seen.
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