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  1. Hi It will be available in around 6 weeks time. Will keep you posted Mr Guns.😎
  2. Be sure to look out for the Ultimate "E" liquid which will be out soon chaps to enhance your chosen groundbait. A massive boost of Amino Acids that really gets them searching for the source. Be happy Dean
  3. Given Molasses or oils, molasses is king. Highly underrated, cheap and very effective. Great choice.
  4. Cal is a lovely fella at BAF. He knows his bait and insists on quality. You won't go far wrong with him. Be Happy Dean
  5. Hi peter is recovering from a stroke and is in hospital recovering at the mo. He is bored stiff so you never know. I will ask him to say hello.
  6. Hi everyone Just a quick note to say i hope to enjoy my time on your forum. I hope i can contribute some interesting opinions and learn along the way. Be happy Dean
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