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  1. Thanks for the advice, still here for a couple days but it’s been too hot to fish over the time I’ve been here, I will have a go though, apparently Rudd lake is the best to fish here
  2. Has anyone fished the tattershall lakes in Lincolnshire? Off to see family this week and I’m staying on site, just wondered what it is like, what good baits to use, rigs and any good swims
  3. Any people on here from around the Telford area? Or around Shropshire, don’t mind travelling. Just wanted to know any good carp fisheries for beginners? Or even fisheries for cats
  4. Good little confidence boost there mate 😉 I will let you know how I get on, where abouts you based anyway?
  5. Spot on with that mate, I’ve tried using YouTube to look for different set ups but it blows your mind with everything that’s chucked at you, I will have a watch and see how I get on tonight when I go for a little session, cheers for the advice mate
  6. I know a pool when you’ll none stop catch carp, you’ll possibly get bored after 2 hours! Only thing is that the fish aren’t big, you’ll probably catch a maximum of a 7lb carp but iysband enjoyable pool to go to, about 5 mins outside broseley called Lodge farm, be happy to go with if you don’t know where it is
  7. Based in Telford mate, been fishing a few pools around here, I’m happy to travel places though
  8. Not sure if anyone’s still on this chat but I was wondering if any one with a lot of experience and patience could give me quite a few lessons, I’m so new to fishing I have no idea what to do, I’m willing to pay, just want to start aiming for the big fish instead of little carp
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