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  1. I've sent back the baitrunner and got same reel and also I do have a chair and net just havent listed them I've got a a abode reclinable chair and saber 42inch net and just bought a daiwa reel for my 6ft rod
  2. Hi guys I've just started carp fishing I'm wondering if this is a good starter kit that I've recently bought x2 Sonik Vader X Rod 12ft 3.5TC x1 Sonik Xtractor 6ft 3.0TC x1 Shimano Baitrunner DL Size: 10000 x1 Shimano Beastmaster XB Reel Size: 10000 x1 Shimano Aerlex XTB Reel Size: 10000 x2 New direction bite alarms x1 Quest Tackle Comfort Bivvy x1 Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod I still have a few bits to buy yet like just need some ideas of good gear
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies I appreciate it got a lot more knowledge now
  4. Cheers didn't even know this existed
  5. Tbh mate I've only just started I've been brickworks few times and overflow
  6. I'm from the north west, Wirral
  7. Could you use that in a PVA Bag and spodding
  8. what pellet mix would you recommend on amwellbaitandfeed
  9. Cheers bro all theses baits are helping alot I'm making a list on my phone
  10. Yeah I've Been doing alot of research and found some cheap boilies but don't know what there like Starmerbaits and Starbaits also found some Shimano boilies at - 4.66/KG
  11. See when you say add to boiling water for 24hours do I still need to cook it too ?
  12. What do you think of Starmerbaits on amazon they sell some cheap baits don't know if they will be good or not also free delivery
  13. Thanks very much I've just looked, this is the thing I dont know whats good or not but that coppens pellets seems good to be honest
  14. So say I buy 25kg of that from ebay I just put in boiling water over night ?
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