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  1. For traces and leaders I have been using Seaguar Abrazx 100% Fluorocarbon. Hangs straight but is very supple, it is used as a mainline in the US. I bought mine from the US off ebay, sometimes Amazon have it listed as well. https://seaguar.com/freshwater/fluorocarbon/abrazx
  2. seaguar abrazx fluorocarbon fishing line Not sure if this available in Europe yet. I bought some off ebay from a US supplier. Postage was not cheap but it still worked out cheaper than other Seaguar fluorocarbon lines here. I have been using the 15lb in rocky swims for barbel, it's proving very tough and has taken a few carp between 14lb - 19lb as well. The braid hook length materials do not work for me here on the river Lot, France. Tried a few now, but few bites and no fish!
  3. Hi David, thanks for that very interesting post and the bit about caves and water temperatures might come in handy for winter fishing. Maybe even in summer as water temperature can be in the mid-20c bracket and the fish seem to hide up! I still have not really tried the Cele! So far I have been so obsessed by the Lot that I think of little else (ask my wife!) My best fish from the Lot last year....
  4. I have lived in France for two years now, really enjoy the Lot valley east of Cahors. The last two summers have seen heatwave conditions and far less than usual rainfall. Hence it's been a struggle to get fish in gin clear water and when I have hooked up the better fish have broken me running through the heavy weed This last trip started that way, a fish on in the first 5 minutes. It instantly torpedoed 10 yds into a huge weed bed, even a tight drag was not going to stop it! Trace then parted under the weight of weed and the fish still motoring! I was targeting barbel, but this
  5. Sounds like you have had some fun on your travels! Biggest fish I have lost was from an anchored RN frigate off Belize. A tarpon in the 200 lb class took my livebait and gave me the run-around for about 40 minutes. It jumped many times and, in the ships floodlights, was an awesome sight! Plenty of noise as well as they seem to rattle their gills when they jump. I was using the tip from a Conoflex Cod 5 that Nigel Forrest had cut and spigoted for me, a Fuji snaplock whipped on so I could use the tip as an uptider or add the glass butt to make a beach rod. An ABU 7000 and 20 lb line co
  6. I know the uptide technique very well, was there off the Suffolk/Essex coasts when it was being developed. Your idea looks sound to me and I will give it a try soon. Sorted through the gear I have stored in the garage and found a spool for my Shimano Ultegra 5500 xtb that is loaded with 20lb P line. It's hard and wiry but not too bad casting off a largish diameter spool, don't like using thick line but even more I hate leaving a fish with a hook, trace, swivel and a couple of feet of mainline to tow around! Also found some Seaguar hard fluorocarbon trace line in 19lb. Hope this does
  7. .......over rocky ground. Fished a couple of different swims on the river Lot, France recently for barbel. One was clearly a bouldery swim, the other looked quite clear apart from light streamer weed. River is low and clear, normal summer conditions here. The barbel spooky and keeping out of sight - but will venture out for a smelly bait! I have found cooked, peeled crevettes great baits, preferably a few days past their best! Both swims I could only approach the barbel by casting upstream. Anyway, good barbel lost in both swims. One to a cut trace, the second to the mainli
  8. Cavagnac lake, I have not fished this lake but had a look at it a couple of months ago - very impressed! They have a Facebook page Fly to Toulouse, get picked up and then all inclusive. Looked a good deal, but i have done nothing to compare it with.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Montlu├žon is an almost 4 hour drive north for me, interesting maybe? Yes, the B word might be considered "swearing" on some forums! Not trying to dwell on the politics, just gets me depressed! I first read of the Lot fishing in the '70's I think. Somehow seem to have found my way here almost by accident! Anyway, it's a good place to be and glad to be into some fishing which is new to me. Just what I needed!
  10. My local water, the river Lot (next big river south of the Dordogne), has some decent barbel fishing. There is also the river Cele which is much smaller, not fished it yet but have been told it is a good barbel river. Apparently there are two types of barbel in these rivers, seems I have only caught the smaller variety so far! Between July - September it is the holiday season. Many of the shallow barbel areas will have bathers on them well into the evening. The Cele has a lot of canoes during the holiday season!!! Early mornings or a couple of hours into darkness (if night fishing al
  11. Carpepecheur, I shall follow your threads with interest! My wife and I moved to France two years ago and are near the river Lot. We have had some good fish but only a couple of tiny carp, still have a lot to learn!
  12. Just found carp.com and looks a good site, hope to pick up some tips. I had a few years coarse fishing as a youngster but then I got into sea angling. Now moved to inland France near Cahors and have the wonderful river Lot a 10 minute drive from my home. This last year has been a great refresher course in river fishing, I could never have imagined a more wonderful river! Only had two "petite carpe" of a couple of pounds so far. Plenty of other fish with barbel, chub and bream to good sizes. Bream to 3 kg, chub and barbel to 2.5 kg. Swimfeeder and boilies seem to work well, but crevet
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