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  1. Just got a few minutes, here are last years. All between 14lb and 20lb for me. But my friend wanted to catch a carp so I had set him up with tackle and he got the biggie at 34lb. Fishing with friends not always recommended!!!!!
  2. Forgot my password for a while so never got round to putting up a report of my 2020 carp. This year a few problems distracted me but here finally are a few recent carp photos. I was fishing for barbel, but always take my carp rod. When I saw the river at perfect flow and felt it was warming in the sun I felt confident there might be carp about. Put the heavy rod out at long range downriver whilst I fished the feeder rod for barbel. The 26lb fully scaled came first, then the 29lb "ugly" carp took on my feeder rod. Last was a massive 42lb fully scaled river carp - Dream Fish! I did not take that last one up the bank, released quickly as it had put up a really good fight in the current. I will find a few photos after lunch of last years carp.
  3. I have not used tiger nuts for bait yet - but I have eaten them myself! There is a good amount of vegetable fat in tiger nuts, as well as the fibre most seem to think is the main point of eating them. They are a bit tough but can be chewed, the flavour reminds me of hazlenuts. Lately I have blitzed a few hand fulls in a heavy duty blender to produce a flour. It's best to push the resulting coarse flour through a sieve and then blitz the rougher particles in the blender again, then the sieve a final time. Any larger particles left I chuck in my groundbait mix - nothing wasted! My wife makes bread and adds about 15% tigernut flour to her wholemeal mix. The baked loaf has a better crust and the flavour is subtle, nutty and very slightly sweet. Looks like we have a winner with this flour - tigernuts are tasty!
  4. For me and river carp the Shimano Oceana OC Baitrunner in 6000 or 8000 size is perfect. It does not have a "longcast" style spool but casts up to 100yds with a 3ozs weight smoothly. I use mine with 30lb braid and the drag and baitrunner have been faultless. As for the line-clip I am not sure, I only use mine to hold things in place when not fishing! The price is not bad either - about £110 if you shop around. My 8000 OC is at least several years old now, has done a lot of sea fishing and topped with several carp to over 40lb on the river Lot, France. This carp was caught on the 6000 OC......
  5. One autumn the setting sun briefly lit up this scene on the river Lot, France. Quite a magical moment which I was fortunate to capture!
  6. It's hard not to take a good photo here!
  7. I have an auto-immune disease (lupus) that was first diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. It was a battle over many years to get it correctly diagnosed and actually took two decades before I found doctors who were competent at treating the illness. Most gave me steroids (prednisilone) and painkillers, then sent me on my way! I ended up hooked on painkillers, and it took years to get off steroids with all their long term complications. Anyway, nearly died after severe pneumonia set in. THEN the doctors took my illness seriously! Finally (only took 20 years!) I found a couple of specialists who turned things round for me - I really do owe them my life! My advice on anything health related is to find the best doctor you can that really understand your particular condition. Practical advice on fishing: Don't drive too far, it is far more tiring than most will admit! Short fishing sessions Minimise your tackle - one rod/reel, rest, small bag of bits, bucket with bait, landing net, chair Search those places where you can get your car close I had to admit defeat with sea fishing, but when I got my state pension retired to France. I was lucky to be able to do that with a lot of support from my wife. Settled for river fishing and have spent the last three years searching locally for easy places to fish - and my health is improving! Here I am parked on the slipway (out of boating season) with my Decathlon chair (very comfy!) placed to take in the view. ......and caught some barbel, even hooked what was probably a carp - hooked pulled!
  8. For traces and leaders I have been using Seaguar Abrazx 100% Fluorocarbon. Hangs straight but is very supple, it is used as a mainline in the US. I bought mine from the US off ebay, sometimes Amazon have it listed as well. https://seaguar.com/freshwater/fluorocarbon/abrazx
  9. seaguar abrazx fluorocarbon fishing line Not sure if this available in Europe yet. I bought some off ebay from a US supplier. Postage was not cheap but it still worked out cheaper than other Seaguar fluorocarbon lines here. I have been using the 15lb in rocky swims for barbel, it's proving very tough and has taken a few carp between 14lb - 19lb as well. The braid hook length materials do not work for me here on the river Lot, France. Tried a few now, but few bites and no fish!
  10. Hi David, thanks for that very interesting post and the bit about caves and water temperatures might come in handy for winter fishing. Maybe even in summer as water temperature can be in the mid-20c bracket and the fish seem to hide up! I still have not really tried the Cele! So far I have been so obsessed by the Lot that I think of little else (ask my wife!) My best fish from the Lot last year....
  11. I have lived in France for two years now, really enjoy the Lot valley east of Cahors. The last two summers have seen heatwave conditions and far less than usual rainfall. Hence it's been a struggle to get fish in gin clear water and when I have hooked up the better fish have broken me running through the heavy weed This last trip started that way, a fish on in the first 5 minutes. It instantly torpedoed 10 yds into a huge weed bed, even a tight drag was not going to stop it! Trace then parted under the weight of weed and the fish still motoring! I was targeting barbel, but this fish might easily have been a decent carp. Anyway, back to the fishing! Fishing buddy Alistair had a string of small barbel on sweetcorn. He also caught what I think is a bleak, if it is..... ......what a specimen! I persevered with a 20mm boilie and managed four fish between 3lb and 5.5lb. Good afternoons sport, hopefully the slightly cooler weather (30c) will be appreciated by the fish!
  12. Sounds like you have had some fun on your travels! Biggest fish I have lost was from an anchored RN frigate off Belize. A tarpon in the 200 lb class took my livebait and gave me the run-around for about 40 minutes. It jumped many times and, in the ships floodlights, was an awesome sight! Plenty of noise as well as they seem to rattle their gills when they jump. I was using the tip from a Conoflex Cod 5 that Nigel Forrest had cut and spigoted for me, a Fuji snaplock whipped on so I could use the tip as an uptider or add the glass butt to make a beach rod. An ABU 7000 and 20 lb line completed the outfit. Looking back I honestly think that the tarpon kept forgetting he was hooked. After short runs with several jumps he would return to the ship, most likely to continue feeding on the baitfish attracted by the lights and gash from the galley. Eventually he went under the ships shadow and my trace frayed through! Now I have a Conoflex Safari 45 3-piece as my travel rod and do not go anywhere! Where I live in France satisfies my "fishing soul" quite well! I brought a few decent carp rods to France - but they are too long for the river! So many trees, the banks are a jungle! A ten foot rod seems optimum, often less is best. Anyway, enjoying the barbel and chub whilst I learn about this wonderful river. Eventually I will get serious about a carp attack - probably!
  13. I know the uptide technique very well, was there off the Suffolk/Essex coasts when it was being developed. Your idea looks sound to me and I will give it a try soon. Sorted through the gear I have stored in the garage and found a spool for my Shimano Ultegra 5500 xtb that is loaded with 20lb P line. It's hard and wiry but not too bad casting off a largish diameter spool, don't like using thick line but even more I hate leaving a fish with a hook, trace, swivel and a couple of feet of mainline to tow around! Also found some Seaguar hard fluorocarbon trace line in 19lb. Hope this does not spook these fish! Plan on trying a semi-fixed lead (with your uptide mod), more like a carp rig but a slightly longer hook length. It is just possible the fish I hooked last night was a carp as they can turn up anywhere. If it was a barbel it must have been a good one! My Shimano 50-100gr travel rod was bent as much as I have ever seen it, that rod has had plenty of barracuda, stingrays and small sharks in Florida waters.
  14. .......over rocky ground. Fished a couple of different swims on the river Lot, France recently for barbel. One was clearly a bouldery swim, the other looked quite clear apart from light streamer weed. River is low and clear, normal summer conditions here. The barbel spooky and keeping out of sight - but will venture out for a smelly bait! I have found cooked, peeled crevettes great baits, preferably a few days past their best! Both swims I could only approach the barbel by casting upstream. Anyway, good barbel lost in both swims. One to a cut trace, the second to the mainline being cut. Trace in both cases 15lb fluorocarbon, not sure of the brand. Mainline just 10lb Shimano mono, it has been adequate most places as the barbel seem to top around 6 lb. I have tried coated braid hook lengths but the barbel seem very wary of these. When the barbel here finally decide to take a bait they run off with the bait like pike. Missed one 10 metre "run"when I was having a pee! The next bite I hammered and bullied the fish downstream to keep out of the weed. It kited towards the opposite bank and cut my mainline on an unseen rock edge! Clean cut, not dragged and roughened. I only fish short sessions and two or three fish is enough for me. Blew my chances these last two trips on new swims, want to be better prepared when I go back! Normally I get my fish to the bank, but these swims need a re-think of my terminal gear and mainline. Maybe my fishing tactics need refined as well. Any suggestions?
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