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  1. Hello all. Just a question I would like to ask, I’m currently looking for some suggestions as I would like to purchase 2 bite alarms on a budget and I’m not really sure on what I should go for, I have looked into a few different brands but I don’t really know what’s what as I have never used a bite alarm and I’m pretty new back into carp fishing. My budget is around 100/130. Thanks in advance 👍
  2. Thanks for that mate, would I just need to buy a heli kit set up and put it onto my Mainline or should I buy them ready made on a leader? Then put a rig on, I want to tie my own rigs but ain’t sure about what line to use, could you advise me on that please. I’ll have a look online for Proper Job pop ups FTM 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
  3. Just a quick question, does the lead drop off for that rig? I would need to use heli safe drop offs from korda Wouldn't I if I'm fishing a no fixed lead lake. Like I say i pretty fresh back into carp fishing so alot of things are new to me. Any tips about the best pops up to use would also be much appriciated
  4. I’m going to also use the helicopter rig. I feel a bit more confident in using that rig. Thanks
  5. Alright thanks very much for commenting I really appreciate it👍 FTM 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
  6. Hello all, I have recently took up carp fishing again after years of not doing it and just giving up but can someone please explain to me what “no fixed leads” actually mean? Does this mean no drop off lead clip systems. Hopefully I have found the place to ask this question as I don’t have a clue lol
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