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  1. Yeah, appreciate the responses. Not sure if this is adding up in reality.
  2. So if I’m right you’re saying there is a niche for a smaller lake? Most of the lakes where I cleared trees out here were dealing mostly in block bookings for a group of anglers. From what I see €300 a week per person seems the going rate, would that be about right?
  3. I hear you, on that lake in Sussex of a similar size where I worked there would be 30 + rods cheek by jowl all summer. Different expectations on a foreign trip compared to a day ticket I guess.
  4. Hello all, thanks for letting me join, hoping for some advice about a proposed business here in France. So, I’m 55 and a tree surgeon, I worked on a carp fishery in Sussex back in the nineties and enjoyed the business. I moved to France early this century and continued my business here. I have worked for a few expats who run fishing lakes out here and have often thought it might be a good way to diversify and give myself a bit of respite from the physical effort, especially in the summer months when it can be too hot here. My employee is a keen fisherman but I know little apart from what I garnered from my time as a bailiff on the lake in the UK. The lake I’m looking at is 8000 square meters with a good dam, very picturesque with a good cabin 60m2, ideal for drive and survive. What I’m asking you guys is: Is the French carp fishing scene still buoyant? Is 8000m2 too small? I had envisaged 4/5/6 swims to be viable. Is my rather sketchy experience in the fishing world a fatal flaw or overcomeable (not a real word) Any other comments or warnings? I do spend a decent amount of time on other forums for work and machinery, so I know the score, don’t mollycoddle me, I’m not easily upset. Thanks in advance. Tree cutter.
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