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  1. Recent purchases include: TFGear banshee rodpod Bait floss NGT tackle box Solid bag tail rubbers Baitworks boilies, pop ups and oil Hypersensor 15lb mono Ntrap semi stiff
  2. i recently picked up a fox royale for cheaps. definitely some bargins about
  3. Thanks, I use amnesia for sea fishing and as a leader on braid for lure fishing so have some lying around. Not sure the colours will be as concealing as those needed for carp though
  4. Thanks I'll take look at the recommendations
  5. Now mainline is something else I probably should be considering as I've been using the reels I use for bass fishing
  6. Thanks Commonly I'll take a look. Framey I noticed it seemed to be variations and wanted to start there. Just confused by the choice of materials Crusian I've used several and caught on the local pond with them. All from different makers. Mainly pva bag rigs, hair rigs, combi rig and multi rig . I'll check what line they are using
  7. Thought it was simple but it was never mentioned on vids I watched
  8. Ok I understand that casting to the clip will give me consistent distances but I'm slightly confused about one thing. After finding range, clipping up rods and casting I'm guessing you have to unclip for takes. So after I reel in how do people go about clipping up to the right distance again? Do you walk the line out if you have space? Unravel line? Probably a simple answer but at the moment I'm lost
  9. I've recently started carp fishing and been using bought rigs as it seems a minefield. Now want to tie some simple rigs like those I've bought but confused on what hooklink material I should buy as a general purpose rig base while I learn the ropes. Stiff, semi stiff, soft, coated, fluro or mono?
  10. Hi everyone, I've decided to get in to carp fishing recently as I slowly approach 50 and need to get out the house more to get away from the kids. I've spent some infrequent times bass fishing over the last few years but decided I need to find some places to fish locally. I used to fish the canals back in the early 80s in Manchester but now trying to find some westcountry waters. I've been watching YouTube to try and learn what I can and then applying it to my sessions but I still have some newbie questions. Cheers Chris
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