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  1. I have a 2012 Honda Shadow Phantom. Not really high performance but I like it.
  2. As soon as I got my spomb I starting baiting several pounds of Mainline Grange boilies I rolled myself each morning, plus boiled feed corn each morning. Today I fished the first time after a couple of days baiting. I caught two small carp in four hours, one maybe three pounds on the same boilies I'm using to bait and other little one of about one pound on feed corn. These are the first carp I've caught at this spot after about three blanks, and these fish are typical for carp in this river system, carp are common but rarely do you hear of one over 10 lbs. I'm hoping that I'll get some bigger ones to hold in the area with continued baiting.
  3. I've trout fished here in NC with a guide who catches carp on the fly... but he told me conditions needed to be correct, and he said he'd only done it during a mayfly hatch in late spring on one of our big lakes. Then, it's non-stop action from carp in a mayfly feeding frenzy, apparently in this mode they'll hit any mayfly pattern. My uncle has caught one on a black ant, a slow sinking wet fly, when catching bluegill on the spawning beds in summer.
  4. I've seen it discussed in several older threads, but I figured I'd start a new one since I'm going to give boilies a serious try. I've just started carp fishing first of the year, & I've not had a ton of luck with boilies here in USA. From Luke's Cats&Carp channel, it seems that USA carp may need to be "trained" to take them. I have had modest results from combining my method feeder pack bait with boilie crumb, on top of piles of boilie and crumb, then a hair-rigged boilie hook bait. I use a pretty plain pack bait of instant oats, sweet corn & grape soda. What's worked better for me is corn hook baits fished on a pack bait method feeder, on a scattering of more pack bait & corn. I use both fake corn & boiled, bulk feed corn as hook baits. I've found boiled feed corn to be tough enough for a hook bait & also to work better than fake in late winter/early spring, but the catfish and turtles will absolutely worry me to death on feed corn in warmer months. They'll pick up fake corn too but not as much as the feed corn. What I am planning, is a long pre-baiting campaign with boilies on my local big river in the interest of helping the area hold some bigger carp. I'm going to go out every morning and bait one area with boilies and crumb then fish after several days or maybe a week. I ordered a spomb I'm going to try with my surf rod, I'll report back how it goes.
  5. I've just started carp fishing here in NC this year, out of 16 carp across three lake & creek venues, one was a mirror. I follow a lot of southeast USA carp anglers and it seems to be similiar around here, a very small percentage would be mirrors. I did read a study that if you selectively breed for mirrors, yet introduce them into the wild, the environment can result in different genes expressing the scale patterns. So even mirror pedigree stocks can go back to scaled due to (I think) the protection offered by scaled. It definitely seems that certain areas produce more mirrors, so I wonder if the environment in which the carp live plays a part. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/08/carp-undergo-reverse-evolution-get-their-scales-back
  6. Thanks for the welcome! Here's some pics from this year. Cats are a fact of life fishing on the bottom here, especially in summer. I've not found a bait they don't like, even fake corn.
  7. psychodiagnostik


    Fish 2019
  8. Hi, I've been fishing for wild carp most of the past year, getting more and more into it after a lifetime of fishing here in USA. I've caught everything from bass, to trout on the fly, to sharks to seven feet in the surf, but carp has become quite the obsession & I've cared little for any other fishing during the last few months. I've been experimenting with different techniques, mostly method feeders in local creeks, lakes & rivers, using my bass & catfish gear with end tackle and bait from bigcarptackle.com . My PB is currently 14lb common. I've only caught one mirror compared to 15 commons, a small scaled one. Interestingly, we have a carp "scene" here in my state of NC, the "paylakes". They're small heavily stocked ponds that involve mini-tournaments. So carp fishing isn't totally unheard of in my area, but fishing for wild carp is extremely rare. I've not yet met another carp angler on my local rivers or lakes. I love learning about all the legendary UK venues via YouTube, podcasts & forums. I was fascinated by UK carp fishing as a kid when I found a book about it at our local library as an 8 year old, years ago, but then I forgot about carp until recently and rediscovered it with the help of the Internet. I loved the bank fishing taken to high art, unlike the local bass fishing scene, it was similar to the fishing that I did from the bank of my grandmothers farm pond for bullhead catfish and bluegill. I'm hoping one day to make it to the UK to wet a line. Anyways, I hope you all don't mind me lurking and posting occasionally in the Europe forums!
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