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  1. I dont know which one should i buy i had The shimano tx2 before now i wanna upgrade i dont know wich one i should take i need help from someone who used them
  2. Well done mate , i dont have the experience thats why i posted this to see others before me tried it maybe theu lurned something , a lot of people are telling me why do you put liquid egg in your boilies , i just won 1st place in carp tournament hold in my country and guess what it was the boilies i used to make with liquid eggs! , 20 teams where the tournamet lasted 72h and i only used fishmeal boilies and worked very well , now im experimenting with eggless boilie and wanted to avoid boiling so i cant loose any goodnes from the boiling process , but afterwards i always can boost them up from the outside coating! Thanx a lot.
  3. I must give them a try im thinking air drying for 72h , at some point it's enough but need to check breake some and see the center.
  4. You mean they do not last cause of nuisance fish or they will get spoiled quicker than normal boilie with liquid egg and boiled. Thanx , my only point is for the boilie to last more than 4 days and not to loose all the goodnes in the boiling process.
  5. Yes , there are no nuisance fish but i meant why we boil the boilie since there is no liquid eggs added to firm the boilie , on the ccmoore website that i bought tue wheygel and egg albumen shows the boiling time should be max 60sec. Half of that with liquid egg but what about not boiling at all , you will not loose any goodness from the boilie!
  6. Hi , i just wanted to ask you guys what are your experiences with egg replacement such as whey gel and egg albumen at 10% added on basemix , what is the point of boiling the boilies if there are no egg on them anymore , what do you thing just rolling them and then air drying for some days ? Sincerly Besnik.
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