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  1. I didn't. But I have heard lots of ppl have. Apparentely they loosen up.
  2. Glad you like it. However, it is typical Nash. Had they priced it at £150 with extras on top it would have sold like hotcakes, but at £250 it's a joke when you consider the Fox r-series Xl is around the same price and comes with all the extras and is a stunningly good bivvy. I like the speed I can get it up for quick overnighters, but would I buy it again for £250? God no.
  3. Yep, I can get a fairly hefty chair bed in, plus a reclining seat no problem. The shape is pretty much the same as a titan without the peak. For £170 it is well worth doing.
  4. I have one. They are fine. Lots of room, quick to put up. They are over priced for what they are though, but very few other bivves offer the same space. Do consider a Fox R-Series Xl, much better value for money.
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