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  1. That's the one buddy I've just ordered it seems identical to the cyprinus K2 apart from the hydrostatic head. If anyone want's what it's like it should be here Thursday ill tell anyone what they want to know.
  2. I had a look at the fox ultra but It was out of budget at £339 for the full system. Cyprinus is £259 but my old fella has just shown me a brolly system made by a company called "skills" for £160 that is virtually identical to the k2 system apart from 10000hh instead of 20000hh which I'm not over fussed about. I went to go see it at my local fishing shop today it was priced £289 there though. I'm currently in convo with a bloke who's selling them in manchester. Anyone heard of these?
  3. Ah well I'm only 5ft 6 so if your fishing out of it without issues I might have to strongly consider it. The jrc is 135cm, the cyprinus k2 is 150cm the height of the k2 is perfect to be honest along with alot of other things but I'd like to see a bunker in the flesh before I buy either brolly
  4. Yeah I've had a nosey at the cyprinus bunker it looks pretty good to be honest I'm just not quite happy with the height I watched the carpology review on it if it was 20cm higher I would snap it up. The main 2 I'm torn between are the jrc extreme tx and cyprinus K2 mainly because of the inner vapour guard, I'm trying my best to find anyone who's owned a K2 to give me an insight on the quality.
  5. Alright lad's I'm on the look out for a brolly system and wouldn't mind a few opinions of your experience if you've used any I've got in mind. I own a MK3 nash double top for the week long sessions in france but i struggle to fit it on most swims in the UK. Three systems I have in mind are: *Cyprinus K2 brolly system *Jrc extreme tx brolly system *Sonik armatek system There's a bloke not to far away selling the EU K2 system with a velcro groundsheet instead of zip in that I'm strongly considering buying. I've read mixed reviews on the jrc brollies but I can't find much on the K2 system other than carpology's video on YouTube. Cheers
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