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  1. I think why fishing is such a popular sport is that a complete novice can go onto a water for the first time with the most basic of cheap tackle and bait and catch a large fish with a pub chunk…I feel that’s luck…but to catch fish regular comes with experience and willingness of learning from your mistakes.
  2. B B

    July Catch Reports

    There’s a friend of mine who’s been fishing for 10 years + his pb is a low 20 and he has never picked up a fish for a pic he’s even tried wearing surgical gloves just can’t bear to touch the fish
  3. B B

    July Catch Reports

    That’s one confident lad look how he’s holding the fish 👍 If this site had a prize for best pic of the year it would be in for the running… Why isn’t there a comp for the best pic of the year ? it could be voted for by the members 🤔
  4. B B

    July Catch Reports

    Iv used a telescopic ladder in work very handy…maybe a strap wrapped around a branch when your up there so it doesn’t slide 👍
  5. B B

    July Catch Reports

    Well done Highy and good pics… I thought it was giant Barbel at first… and congratulations to your mate on his pb 👍
  6. The weather has cooled down a bit could switch them on for you both tell your lad to leave some fish for you 👍
  7. We arrived at linear as the gates opened 8am on Tuesday morning and it was Scorching the forecast was for it to be in the high 20’s roll on winter lol.. we had booked the disabled swim and I had the nx swim as my mates helper. It’s the shallow part of the lake and there was a lot of fish in front of us sunbathing a awesome display 😳we were like 2 kids let loose in a sweet shop… but they were not interested one bit 🙄we tried every floating hook bait we had with no luck with 6 rods using zigs at all levels they didn’t even spook off, then we tried just using one rod still not a sniff 😞…god we were baked 🥵 we had no cover did I tell you it was hot ? then my mate says he’s found 30 ish dog biscuits at the bottom of his bag they had seen better days I thought, quick as a flash he sets up a ESP Controller with a light rod casts out 2 of the better mixers on the hair with a pouch of green ish mixers around the float and it only goes under and he’s in 😳A carp of 28lb happy days ! …. Alas that was the only fish we had over the 48 hrs of gruelling hot not a breath of wind days the car temperature had it at 31° …. See I said it got hot …
  8. Around 30 degrees for the both days 🥵
  9. Good luck Carpbell….don’t forget the sun lotion 🥵
  10. Well I worked this weekend outside prepping a house for painting…god it was hot 🥵 now I got the time off for a 48hr trip at linear on B1 starting early this Tuesday, all booked up which is just as well with the kids off from schools
  11. Best leave them both at home mate you want them both to enjoy the trip always another time. 👍
  12. B B

    July Catch Reports

    Thanks Yonny…I tried stalking it but it gave me the the right run around I can tell yer
  13. B B

    July Catch Reports

    Well it’s happened finally caught it proper old warrior been after it since I saw it gave me the slip once or twice but got it in the end and I’m well happy. Love it when a plan comes together. Had it on a whittled down 12 mil in the early hours sorry for the quality of the pic..just look at the size of his tail 😳
  14. Unlucky Chill…that must have been a moment knowing there was 40 + fish there
  15. Korda semi stiff N trap 20lb £14 2 packets of Korda Krank barbless size 6 4.49 a packet Sonik Sk Tek Armchair £54…. Damm forgot to ask highly for his discount card 🙄
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