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  1. I put up the Trakker Tempest Brolly 100 I purchased a month ago in the garden today, thought I get a bit of practice before I use it in anger, man that was Soo quick and easy watched a vid on the YouTube which helped …Must have been the quickest erection iv ever done 🤔
  2. As above, and for me is the weight saving I’m trying to use the bike more often ..
  3. I use all sorts and if I known what the banks are like, concrete used the pod and dirt or gravel take bits off my trusty fox pod…The front buzz bar and sicks are from the pod, I like the bigger diameter of sticks as they grip in the bank better the back bar is a old Cygnet and the rear stick is a fox black label the original ones which are pretty useless I use a stabiliser with it …
  4. Thanks for posting good read and pics with a pb 👍
  5. Thats defo no Rudd ! Great looking fish Elmo and a new PB 👏
  6. I hope that’s not a big Rudd in the net Elmo
  7. Nice set up ….buy I prefer Dead man’s fingers
  8. On the original alarms before they brought out the light under the wheel version, which I have they are difficult to get off in the cold but not to bad in the warmer months, Iv recently replaced one of them with the under light version and find the case feels softer which is much easier to remove. The vibration on the receiver comes in handy if you got it in a pocket as sometimes you won’t hear it go off if tucked away.
  9. After the morning kip I would grab the spinner gear and go for wander around the other lakes, stop to chat with other anglers from across Europe ..used to get back to my swim a bit tipsy many a time 🍷
  10. Iv always wanted to give a swim a rest with no lines in the water but fishing 48hr trips on day tickets I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…. But on a French trip I had 3 good fish on the 1st night but no bites in daylight, what a great relief that was to get a fish on the 1st day. The second day was a carbon copy of the 1st day so decided for the rest of the week I would pull the rods in at dawn bait up then have a morning kip, then fish it at sunset I kept the fish coming all week, and luckily had the most fish…Do I think no lines in the water helped , I’m not sure but i know it didn’t do any harm.
  11. Iv found you can put the Rigsafe and Tacklesafe in the Comapac
  12. Left hand drive… carful overtaking 😉
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