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  1. Soooo long since I handled a fish like that wouldn’t know what to do with it 🤔 Eye Lyptus ?
  2. As Elmo says the 8k would be on the big side but the okuma inc6000 be better, had a 22 lb cat on the 6 lovely drag great line lay under £70 and with a 5 year guarantee. What ever your choice is try the reel on your rod if you can.
  3. Hi Callum iv used the S7 in France with my two mates and the fish loved it we all had great results on it. You can go on there website and get a small sample pack for 1p they have good deals on there to. Good luck with your choice.
  4. Corr fancy hitting that with a bait boat …should have a lighthouse on it 😳
  5. A miniature Mexicans hat 🤔
  6. Your just saying that in case Sonik are watching 😎
  7. Il second that 👏
  8. Elmo your due a biggie 👍
  9. If we saw this in his collection 😉
  10. If you look at the bottom of the pic you can see an artist painting the sunset using a easel her painting was a lot better than my pic. We had a picnic a good drink and a bit of a laugh which she said she needed.
  11. Went to Cornwall on the weekend to toast a friend’s husband who sadly suddenly passed away this was there favourite beach
  12. Distance sticks…no more walking up the bank in wet grass and mud in the middle of the night sometimes 80 + yds … I swear I put on weight in the 1st month I used them
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