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  1. Im off to my local tackle shop Saturday to have a waggle of some telescopic rods… or are they called retractable 🤔 anyway the choice’s are from the stables of Sonik, ESP and 2 from Fox …. Appreciate it if anyone got any thoughts or experiences of the above
  2. Iv had whiting on a wine gum.. red was the go to colour
  3. Hi there Tagman big welcome to the forum
  4. Look at the gut on that…the pike I mean 😉 great fish 👍
  5. Iv fished many day ticket waters and seen angler’s trying to cast there rig under a overhanging tree only to leave it in the tree, and vice versa seen a guy using a bait boat actually touch the island and drop his rig under a overhanging tree only to lose a fish in a snag ….I had a chat to a guy who was using a bait boat in the nx swim down and he ask me if I wanted to use his boat to get under a tree that was a hot spot in my swim I declined saying it looked a bit snagging no was his reply Iv fished that spot and dropped a marker rod all over out there and it’s clear, I thought that was a good idea. I for one would never use one… but each to their own
  6. Extra long nose pliers 11 inch off the bay £7 delivered….
  7. B B


    I was fishing Oxlease on the linear complex when another fisherman popped into my swim for a chat … 7 am 😳 this was winter time the bivvy was zipped up and I was tired having luckily had 2 fish in the early hours, I heard the tell tale crunch crunch of the gravel then a pause then a cough or two bit of a pause again then a alright mate ? then a bit of a pause then a mate you awake yet ?? I am now says I… bit of a pause again I seen your head torch on in the dark how big was your fish and get this where was your spot 😳 I gave it a extra long drawn out pause for affect and replied the fish were small and the spots went when I reached 17…then came the longest pause of all broken by the crunch crunch of the gravel and the mumblings receding into the distance.
  8. Go easy on them chocs you’ll never get out of your bag… have a good trip…sometimes just being out there is enough 👍
  9. Positive thoughts going to you and yours mate for the new year 👍
  10. Had a spare afternoon so a quickie trip with a feeder rod for a couple hours, it was so mild 😳
  11. A belated Happy Xmas all members hope you all had a great one
  12. Was after a rucksack had my eye on the new ESP but decided to put the Wychwood on the top of the list… can’t be staring at dpm camo and there’s almost £40 difference 😳
  13. The one on the left I would change the lead for a inline and tie the leader to a big eye swivel pulling it back into the lead then use a pva mesh attaching it to the eye of the swivel nicking the hook bait carefully in the mesh. I like the ESP pva mesh seems to have a tighter weave helps slowdown the maggots from escaping. No problem casting 22 wraps. The one on the right just put a pva nugget on around the hook… I would defo have some maggots above tbe pop ups tho … sorry for the long winded reply but the Rum is kicking in 🥃
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