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    Yucky Adds

    Mods you got to do something about the adds that pop up on the site...I sat down to eat a big fat juicy burger took a bite while logging on and this was staring in my face ..
  2. Just being on the bank helps, Blue I needed that last trip my mate also.
  3. The pin looks huge in that pic
  4. I had a thought earlier...(I get them now and then) 🤔 best check the fishy license...and it run out last week 🙄
  5. I find the wettest rain is a fine mist rain especially if you’re using a brolly... if that makes any sense
  6. Best of luck Commonly + Carpbell 🤞
  7. £14... used it on the last trip had 2 fish with it....the trial continues
  8. That wouldn’t go down well with the match boys 🤭
  9. Can I have your Sonic loyalty card please 🙏🏻
  10. Sonic will be gutted... they may have to lay people off
  11. My bro got a VW camper T 5 I believe it is just before Covid hit he went camping over the bank holiday for the 1st time and had 2 notes left on the window to see if he was interested in selling.
  12. The prices for a camper van have gone sky high this past year with the Covid situation
  13. I do the both that is over nights for the carp and course fishing, love them both. If I’m carp fishing and it’s quite il reel one of the rods in and have a spin or put a feeder rod out. That’s how I got the 3 x two pound + Roach. In between trips il have a go for anything that’s swims at the course lake you get a carp about 8-12 pound on a float rod wow pure fun 👍
  14. Behave myself I’m a 😇
  15. Had to check the date thought it was April 1st
  16. I would like to say what I think of him but the Mods would give me a warning. I was fishing a day ticket water same thing 2guys plant themselves nx to me with half the lake free, I turned to them and said il move so you can have a bit more room they just stared at me, thanks they said ...my comment went right over there heads 🙄
  17. B B

    April Catch Reports

    Well done mate 👍 not a bad pic considering
  18. Well I got the nod today and I’m in a syndicate for the first time ever. I can’t fish till June tho. Back to pastures old is appropriate as I first fished there when I was 10 so a lot of fish has past under the bridge since then. There was only scrapyards and waste ground then and now hotels and luxurious flats abound it’s very urban fishing. Going to be a Challenge and I’m looking forward to it.
  19. Nash dot spod.... looks and feels like it will fall apart with heavy use a bit flimsy. This is the 1st spod iv paid for since Korda started the ball rolling. Been using the fox spod which I found floating over a year ago but the pin bent on the last trip. Got plenty of Spombs again which iv found in the margins
  20. All the best of luck Highy.... they swim looks neat and tidy
  21. I was at a mates bbq and he was saying how safe his gear was in his new shed from thieves pointing out the 3 big padlocks and wire on the inside of the window. I said give me a screwdriver and I’ll be in there in under five minutes and not make a noise and bet him a case of beer.... I was inside in under 4 minutes got a big cheer and the case of beer, all I did was unscrew the hinges, so make sure you drill out the head of the screws a bit if you haven’t 👍
  22. Is that a remote control digger cus there’s no one driving 😉 I follow letsdig18 on the YouTube he operates a Volvo 220 mainly. 30 ton in four buckets 😳
  23. Elmo defo not a over baiting noddy, your a thinking angler mate with a plan 👍 if the sliver fish are active the carp will eventually come along to have a look it’s in there nature
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