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  1. A scary looking Carp from a short session this afternoon used a feeder rod good fun on the light gear ...
  2. You’ll be surprised how much little gear you need to take. In the pic iv got a fox pop up mat, weigh sling, net with a 2 piece handle, umbrella, 3 ESP QuickDraw rods 10ft 3.5lb breaks down to just over 4ft, one of them doubles up as a spod rod, and reels, alarms , sticks, food and flask …. Apologies to any gear I haven’t mentioned…you just got to find room for the bike 🤔 Almost forgot to mention the chair
  3. There’s exciting for you Elmo, done 3 trips, 1st trip Abbey lakes lot’s of 20’s, second trip I’m trying to forget that one 🙄 and the third well the best experience of my life 👍
  4. 5kg of Coppens ground bait £17, I normally get Sonubaits but the price has shot up to £8 for 2kg 😳…
  5. Iv used a set of the Cross Cast X5000’s for years got them to go to France and to use at Linear waters, them must have been improved with the newer models. I needed the larger spool that my Aero 10000xte didn’t have, was happy with the Dawia’s performance, got me the extra distance and dealt with big fish in weed… but they are a bit flimsy and plasticly. …
  6. I thought it was time to pimp my ageing Fox pod with a set of large Bloxx and multi colour inlays… I think the blue to go with the Atts …I know Highy you would go for the purple 🙄…
  7. I got a set of rods that has 50mm rings and it’s a squeeze to put them in the sleeves but then it’s an old chub quiver…don’t think they had 50mm rings back in the day when I bought the quiver 🤔…. When did 50mm become fashionable. ?
  8. Here you go and 10% off …
  9. Lovely scales on that fish 👍 let’s hope it’s the 1st of many more fish Elmo… and I don’t mead more Rudd 😉
  10. Could be their a little interested in a bit of the other … 🐟❤️🐟
  11. That pic looks Moody mate …. The tree looks like the one Arnie was swinging from in Predator 😳
  12. The XTD is mentioned in this vid… I like his vids 👍
  13. What a great start to May with the catches lads 👏👏👏
  14. Adapt and overcome, got a right soaking 😏
  15. I’ve used there tidy bag stems 👍
  16. A blank from oxlease but my mate had a 19lb Common a long fish what yonny would call a cricket bat fish, he also had a 25lb Mirror so made up for him…. I learnt the need to cover all bases and eventualities. I knew the swim I was going to fish a little bay to my left only I access to it and it was a 151/2 wrap cast to under the trees, feed them by hand and cast close to them. Well I fed them by hand cast to them and that was that lol. I should have realised after a day that they were there just to chill and hang out, should have had a plan B taken a marker rod find a spot in open water bit of spod and fish that…. But what a sight I had up close to carp in gin clear water over a clean sand gravel bottom, hours of just looking at them lol Apologies for the quality of the pics
  17. Clacking looking fish 👍
  18. Breakfast, Iv pushed the boat out and gone for the extra one…
  19. That do look very rare… is it still twitching ?
  20. On the rig in the pic Iv got 2 pieces of rig putty on and should have said will be using a Korda flying back lead. Il check out the vid with the olivette 👍
  21. Looking at the bag pic on the Tips for testing PVA in water thread I like that you can’t see the weight and hook length but not happy about the lead free leader 🤔 the spot in the swim on oxlease that I’m fishing tomorrow is usually clean with a sandy bottom 6 ft ish deep and you can see the lake bed….also the carp 😳 I realise that’s once the leader is on the bottom it will hopefully blend in better than in the kitchen bowl but still worried…so im thinking fluorocarbon leader…but then thinking £6 a pop no way 😳 iv got a spool of the Fox illusion fluorocarbon in 20lb it’s 40mm diameter looks better in the side by side pic. Any thoughts will be much appreciated
  22. I like to use the 5mm tape
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