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  1. I do the both that is over nights for the carp and course fishing, love them both. If I’m carp fishing and it’s quite il reel one of the rods in and have a spin or put a feeder rod out. That’s how I got the 3 x two pound + Roach. In between trips il have a go for anything that’s swims at the course lake you get a carp about 8-12 pound on a float rod wow pure fun 👍

  2. 12 hours ago, Highy said:

    Packed up and home now... FUMING... There's 40 pegs on the lake, 3 anglers on for the night, I'm in peg 4 (double) someone rocks up in peg 6...He does 1st cast, not happy reels in, my alarm goes, its him, he recasts his but I dont see, I'm fishing 8 wraps arrow straight out my peg... I cast out, don't hit clip, reel in, next minute his alarm... I've got him now... I say that's twice ure in my swim... So I cut his line above his leader... What done that for... I said out of 40 pegs on this lake you set up next door and cross my lines... Im fishing to the fish he says (what are in my swim over my bait) seen em fizzing n jumping.... So I pack up... All gear in car I drive past... He's in my swim 😂😂

    I would like to say what I think of him but the Mods would give me a warning.
    I was fishing a day ticket water same thing 2guys plant themselves nx to me with half the lake free, I turned to them and said il move so you can have a bit more room they just stared at me, thanks they said ...my comment went right over there  heads  🙄

  3. Well I got the nod today and I’m in a syndicate for the first time ever. I can’t fish till June tho. Back to pastures old is appropriate as I first fished there when I was 10 so a lot of fish has past under the bridge since then. There was only scrapyards and waste ground then and now hotels and luxurious flats abound it’s very urban fishing. 
    Going to be a Challenge and I’m looking forward to it. 

  4. 59 minutes ago, emmcee said:

    Thieves also like a shed, make sure its fully secure. 

    I was at a mates bbq and he was saying how safe his gear was in his new shed from thieves pointing out the 3 big padlocks and wire on the inside of the window. I said give me a screwdriver and I’ll be in there in under five minutes and not make a noise and bet him a case of beer....

    I was inside in under 4 minutes got a big cheer and the case of beer, all I did was unscrew the hinges, so make sure you drill out the head of the screws a bit if you haven’t 👍

  5. 6 minutes ago, chillfactor said:

    Still hard at it on this lake job  .... the main contractor hired me in a 50 tonne machine to speed things up a bit . I'm loading 30 tonnes in 4 Buckets now..  right beast ! 20210430_190023.thumb.jpg.069c75a2219472265a03d118604b09f0.jpg

    Is that a remote control digger cus there’s no one driving  😉

    I follow letsdig18 on the YouTube he operates a Volvo 220 mainly. 30 ton in four buckets 😳 

  6. 3 hours ago, elmoputney said:

    Well the night time passed uneventfully, thus far the morning has also passed uneventfully, 

    I just dropped a scoops worth of my mix in the margins and apart from the few whole boilies the rudd pretty much destroyed it in 5 minutes do we think those pesky little monkeys will be doing the same in about 10ft of water out in the pond ? I kind of think they might be, I've done about 8 airbombs on each spot which mean there is probably only 30 whole boilies left on each spot, and as I'm fishing Chods the tench and bream may had those without me even noticing, I'm starting to think crumb might be a waste of time on here, 

    I will have a little top up in a bit, but im sure the bloke fishing over the other side. Must think I am overbaiting noddy 😂 I do often think all other anglers just think I am a noddy anyway lol I usually agree but you have to try  😂


    Elmo defo not a over baiting noddy, your a thinking angler mate with a plan 👍 if the sliver fish are active the carp will eventually come along to have a look it’s in there nature 

  7. 2 hours ago, elmoputney said:

    I'm now doing a rush job after work tomorrow overnighter 👏👏👏😀

    Chods for nods on all 3 rods, only 1 bucket for bait, if it isn't a pop up it's staying at home, going minimalist(7 or 8 tubs of pop ups) 🙄😂😂

    Only one bucket ! ...Narr never happen 😉

  8. 29 minutes ago, ouchthathurt said:

    Well things could be going better, I heard today that the ambulance company I work for is letting us all go... 

    ...on the plus side, I’ve been offered a nursing job on bank with the NHS and I’ve been offered a job with the probation service but no start dates as yet, praying the ambulance job ends after the new jobs begin or I’m gonna struggle to pay the mortgage! 

    Hope you get the start date soon mate 🤞

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