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  1. Well deserved cuppa well done 👍
  2. France.... where it a all came good.
  3. It was at Furzebray Devon there’s a island to the right and in front of the swim. Lovely place small and intimate.... the only lake me and my mate whispered as we walked around
  4. I said Dill your not coming fishing dressed like that !
  5. If there’s that many bream I wouldn’t spod. I think a bream will have a go at anything on the hook if it’s hungry enough I had two last summer off the top on dog biscuits in 4 ft of water I actually seen the takes 😳 Maybe nip a small bag on the hook and recast to a different area of your swim if no bites are forthcoming I set my phone alarm for six hours and recast all the rods if no one is in the nx swim cast over there cover as much water as you can. Good luck
  6. Glad its half decent wasn’t sure,done some decoration work couldn’t charge him being a friend. Would like a macro lens for it ..... make them fish look bigger 😉
  7. Yes it’s a 18-55 lens iv earmarked the amazon basics tripod and il take your advice on the intervalommeter over the remote and will get a led light. Thanks again. 👍
  8. Elmo ta for the advice. iv got my hands on a Nikon D3300 vr 11 kit for free ( done a favour for a mate he gave me it to me) would that be ok ?
  9. To go all out and do all I can to help my good mate get a 30 without him knowing I’m doing it. Sort out a camera for self take photographs.
  10. Okuma shallow spool for my 8K Got a set of them ... just need a break in the weather.
  11. Il get the hang of it soon 🙄
  12. Been trying to upload the pics but the file is to large any tip on how to upload them ?
  13. Opportunist Angling I was on a 48 hr in November last year for a trip to Linear fisheries and decided to fish Brasenose one a Gravel pit of 32 acres. It was cold with bright sun so out went the zigs but with no joy. The lake was fishing hard and there was no action for me. On the last day I noticed a Grebe having more luck with what appeared to be nice Roach 3 rod lengths out from my swim so I wound in one of my carp rods set a feeder rod up with a maggot feeder 14 hook with 3 maggots on the hook. Now prior to this trip my biggest roach was just under a pound. I cast out with 2 pouches of
  14. Left my bobings and alarms at home my mate had a spare two
  15. Hi josh Ask the bailiff or if there’s a website see if there’s a catch log or a phone number you could ask for advice,best swims best bait. This time of year I rate maggots Good luck stay warm 👍
  16. I had a painting job near a tackle shop that was sadly closing down i bought my first proper carp rods from there Des Taylor 21/2 lb maver must be well over 20years ago. Still use them for floater rods. Anyway the Mrs says you been buying gear again nar love I says painted a couple of ceilings and he gave me the rods lol Defo innocent till proven guilty 😉
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