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  1. I grind dome some of the Krill floaters and add them to my stick mix, makes the mix more active 👍
  2. Well I’m allowed to go over the border to fish at last so Oxford here we come, we are booked on Oxlease at Linear for a 48 hr trip 23-25th of this month ... let’s hope it warms up a bit. 🙏
  3. The lake had been frozen the week before we got there. We got a agreement if one gets a fish the other can cast into the area where he had it, so that’s six rods roving about it has worked twice over the years, only in the winter tho. I would rather be fishing than in bed
  4. Looks fishy, all the best Elmo
  5. Still plenty of time for a bite mate 👍 if I might make a suggestion which is easy foy me cus I’m still in bed lol Set your phone alarm for 30 mins and recast all your rods to a different part of the lake every 30 mins... covers a hell of a lot of water keeps you warm and you could get lucky Me and a mate on a 48 hr trip done it with 3 hrs to go had 3 carp, covered in leeches they were he had two I had the one.
  6. Good morning Highy sounds like the weather wants to beat you up mate, always looks better with a brew tho. what time you off the lake ?
  7. If I’m not mistaken that’s a she pee mate 😳
  8. Just seen the forecast .. say to your good lady I think il just do a 24 hr this time because you want to spend a bit of time with her...and do the 48 hr when it warms up a bit. 👍
  9. I got the black leather case when I bought the receiver 10 years ish ago must be the plastic breaking down.
  10. My go to hook is the Korda Krank micro barbed size 10 had a low 30 on popped up maggots in the winter and had carp on zigs, so there up to the job. Best of luck with your choice.
  11. That was unlucky... iv noticed my Att receiver body has gone sticky and the colour has faded... still works ok tho, could be when I dropped it in my stick mix tub and didn’t clean it properly 🤭
  12. I didn’t look at the Korda vids for years when they came out I wanted to keep the mystery of what was happening under the water when I did see them I didn’t really learn much. I saw carp spitting out my clumsy rigs in the margins in the early days of fishing and adapted. I personally would never ever use a camera ... but a bait boat maybe...Each to there own I say
  13. Hope you didn’t steam the dog. 😳
  14. The Amazon sells the Deeper for £89.99... come in handy for your new boat
  15. I was up before the crack of dawn to get to work early to finish a job and then grab a couple hours fishing late afternoon ... Alas the plumbers didn’t turn up so no early finish but I got this pic
  16. Have you given them a lick to see how they taste ?
  17. It’s valid in my part of the world the lakes I fish have more Commons in them... you could say the Mirrors are as rare as Rocking Horse 💩 lol
  18. Could be that there’s more Commons than Mirrors world wide 🤔
  19. It’s in the first paragraph they can’t miss it 😉
  20. As above but obviously make sure you got a decent depth of water before retaining a fish... I had a big carp on the mat and had to hurry the pics then was no way I would keep her in the retaining sling, the swim had no depth to accommodate her and it was a hot day in the 30’s 🥵the head bailiff came along later and wasn’t to happy about not seeing the fish being returned safely. I told him the my reasons and he came around to my thinking.
  21. At least you had a day out 👍...I see Ridge Monkey got a bait boat out £500
  22. B B

    March Catch Reports

    For a split second I thought the Common was a Barbel... cracking fish 👍
  23. B B

    March Catch Reports

    Nice fish and pic.... the trees look old bet the lake looks lovely in the summer 👍
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