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  1. Enjoy your day and good luck 👍
  2. And the suntan cream ... I was painting outside this week got sunburnt 🥵
  3. In the past ABU were the reels for sea fishing I had all multipliers 7000c 6500 with the level winds removed and a 9000c and I won a 12 in a comp, must of the reels came in a drawstring leather bag a spanner and reel lube. Haven’t a clue what the quality of the reels made now are tho.
  4. You could get bunk beds in there 😉
  5. I honestly can’t remember my last trip, the closest I’m come to going fishing was painting a bridge today between two islands on a small lake
  6. You got some good looking carp in that lake 👍
  7. Same here my sis had the same side effects, we both had the Oxford jab... hope you get back to normal soon 👍
  8. Had mine 9am Tuesday felt ok even went into work for the afternoon, ok Wednesday morning come the afternoon had a temperature limbs aching and a headache, ok this morning then iffy this afternoon, at the mo back is aching and got a headache. ....still glad iv had the jab tho. 👍
  9. I agree Nick the baits you mention have a shelf life and to just use common sense, but the tubs of pop ups has no written date who knows how long they been on the tackle shop shelf, especially now with some tackle shops closed, then we buy them and keep them for “years”taking them to the bank on hot sunny days Framey I think the modern hook baits are more than Lures they give out food signals, and it’s the food signals I worry about maybe going off and us not detecting it...or it could be that I’m overthinking it lol... but I’m happy to bin them and feel confident with a new batch.
  10. Just been checking my tubs of hook baits and noticed no sell by dates , I haven’t got many and there’s not a lot in them but decided to bin the contents. The ground baits I used has sell by dates. Wondering why they haven’t got the dates on the tubs 🤔
  11. Just got my jab wow they were professional, friendly and quick.... put a formula 1 pitstop crew to shame... I have always thought highly of the staff of the NHS and came away feeling proud that we got them... if that makes any sense.
  12. You know how it goes you finally get the carp taking dog biscuits one is heading for you bait and then the ducks or swans turn up.I think iv found the solution ! ....
  13. Iv had coots take my hook bait in 14ft of water, I’m sure they go deeper. Tuffs can out dive a submarine. Iv fished a shallow swim and there were carp about but also a family of swans which were a nightmare till I found a 5ft ish area up against a island the only place they couldn’t pick up my baits, had 3 carp from that spot. A Dutch angler on YouTube had a underwater camera in his swim filming a carp feeding when a coot dived under saw the carp 20lb + and pecked it 😳
  14. Hope when you get to your swim there’s a nice south westerly breeze blowing your way, best of luck 👍
  15. But can you get in camo 😉
  16. Just tied up a small bag filled with pellets and a rig with a hook bait, weighed it with a 3oz lead came to 4oz ish What surprise me was how much bait was in the bag after it dissolved
  17. Keep going Elmo just takes time mate 👍 I got some outdoor work booked in, painting houses what weight iv put on soon falls off 🤞
  18. Got my 1st jab nine days time, had a tx off them today in work.
  19. I’m liking this, made 9 inline rigs 15 inches long to 3oz weights. Iv passed the leader through rig putty to give it a bit more weight.
  20. Iv used a set of Dave lane JRC cork handle rods for years love them.... but the cork handles are the diameter of a five pence piece, in the winter cold wet and winding up for a big cast grip is a problem, gloves help tho. Got a new set of rods the handles are almost the same diameter but are made of full Duplon with a flared end great grip.
  21. Richworth frozen tutti fruity back in the day had my first carp from Horseshoe lake on it low 20... god how we struggled on that lake.I kept the tutti put it on my key ring had it for years, used Solar Quench on a lake they loved it.... often wonder if a bait had no smell at all would it make any difference to our catch rate.... or are they put in to catch us 🤔
  22. I had the same problem as you Simon in the exact spot on my JRC overwrap for my Stealth brolly smeared the stitching with a little seam sealer, as salokcinnodrog says and had no problems since.... that was over 10 years ago
  23. The question is will he’ll notice there’s no Sonik name
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