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  1. Not to out do you Buzz, when I was a teenager I would practice my casting over the park and take my pet Alsatian. Il tease him by swinging the lead he would clamp his teeth onto the lead and run like hell boy what a run 18lb line 75 lb dog.
  2. How big are your squirrels 🤔
  3. How much for a day ticket
  4. Thinking of giving this a go ..
  5. True... but I didn’t like to say 😉 ... I got the mould, the feeder is surprisingly heavy to cast. But Highy you can mould it with your hands 👍
  6. What you opened it already 🙄.. the thing is if you had £65:10 and went into tackle shop you wouldn’t buy much of that. But it was a punt and you never know. Iv used the esp feeders in the margins and had carp on them 👍
  7. Pee on the bite .... or is it pee on a sting 🤔
  8. B B

    Lead free leaders

    Iv always used whiplash braid 👍 and I use Fox Exocet main line love it lol ... what annoys me about fox is there odd size swivels eg size 7
  9. Found this on the eBay looks like the actor boat
  10. Looks like there’s a big demand for the boat iv been following the reviews for a couple months. Il have a look around see if I can come up with anything.
  11. I thought they were around the £180 mark..... just a thought can’t you get a little Sonic flag for the boat could get sponsorship from Sonic 🤔
  12. Iv seen the Actor boat reviews on YouTube and if I ever was going to step over to the dark side that would be my choice for a 1st boat
  13. B B

    Lead free leaders

    Thanks all 👍 got a mate popping over with Fox submerge and he’s got the gardener one, il have a play with them. Going to use foot long leaders with solid bags. Loop to loop quick change style, give them a proper go only dappled a little with them in the past.
  14. Iv just used up the last of my lead core can any one recommend a lead free leader brand
  15. B B


    I thought il watch 5mins before I go to work this morning and I’m still watching.... what a game 😳
  16. The match boys use scissors with 3 blades for chopping there worms up. ... I couldn’t do it iv must have got squeamish as I got older
  17. Try the YouTube if you haven’t already lots of info there Very wise
  18. I did enjoy the Detectorists tv series, good story, well filmed and lovely soundtrack 👍...you can still watch it on IPlayer
  19. Lovely scales on him 👍
  20. Speero rig tray £10 ... it will pay for itself in a couple of trips with the swivels and hooks I normally drop and lose and not to mention the time I save looking for things that have dropped, it was either buy the tray or a metal detector 🙄
  21. Well I can tell you for a fact don’t expect a rod in a box 😉
  22. Popped into Go Out Doors very quiet in there the tackle section was full and looks like they have expanded it, got this lot for £22:50
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