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  1. Oxlease at Linear there’s a common in there that’s around 50 .... that’s if you can find a swim 🙄
  2. The runs waters I fish has fish up to 50lb + and waters where the fish go to 20lb .. It takes under a minute to sharpen a hook, could make a difference between a fish of a life time and blanking
  3. Sorry to hear about your situation Highy, hope it sorts itself outI.I made the mistake with a ex of explaining in great detail my passion for fishing, how it’s on my mind every day, how I can’t wait to get out on the bank etc .. it did not go down well, I swear she got a bit jealous and maybe even envious. Good luck mate
  4. If somebody has got the money and manage to get a ticket you could get lucky and bag the fish of your dreams even on your first trip, good gear or bad, but if it’s not in you to question of why you did or why more importantly the times you didn’t in the long run you will fail.
  5. Iv had the swivels good value you get 20 in a pack .... Highy your treading on thin ice again buying Westlake defo be off Soniks Crimbo card list.
  6. Packet of Korda solid bag tail rubbers Two packets of Gemini tidy stems
  7. B B


    It’s getting nail biting time again
  8. Looks great I like the wrap that gives it a peak 👍
  9. I was air drying cell on a garden table, i said keep a eye on them to the Mrs I’m just popping out to get some beer. I was gone 20 mins tops, putting the beer away I noticed a magpie on the fence look at look at the size of that, that’s nothing the good lady says I counted 6 of them earlier. Needless to say the bait was gone and she didn’t get any beer
  10. I to count myself lucky having a fishing buddy and friend of 20+ years always there for you. He’s been in the wars lately the latest is in the near future maybe having a pacemaker.... I said that could come in handy mate I can charge my phone with it, he had a good laugh.
  11. As Dorothy said “there’s no place like home” take it easy Buzz 👍
  12. Iv used X line and found it wiry and also didn’t enjoy using it one bit.... but on a small water I fished that was 3-4 ft deep and with a family of swans it was invaluable and helped put two low 20’s on the bank. It casts better with a bigger spool on your reel and gets dirty but a wet wipe used now and then fixes that on your trip, after seeing how the line gets dirty I got into the habit of cleaning all my lines I use. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the feeder pole it would have perfect on that small water.
  13. B B

    Dogs and fishing

    She’s got a thick coat and looks fit, should keep you all fit walking her 👍
  14. B B

    Dogs and fishing

    Don’t turn your back on a Collie could end up like mine 🙄
  15. B B


    Don’t forget to set your alarm for 4am tomorrow... I know you wouldn’t want to miss the India v England test match.
  16. To spod or not a to spod that’s the question Last summer in a heatwave fishing a runs water that was 4ft deep but mostly 3 ft with the drought, anglers were spoding like it was the spoding Olympics. No fish coming out and still they piled it in. It would be all quiet then one would spod then another and another... I call it Spoditis .. but on the other side of the coin iv spod in the early hours in a storm after iv had a fish.
  17. Could come in handy to say a prayer for a PB 🙏
  18. The rods arrived today and Iv been over the park to try them again and I’m happy. Went for a set of Prologic C3 Fulcrum 12 ft 3.5llb. I asked the shop how much they could do me for 3 and got them £430 delivered, so saved £50 .... like my Nan you used to say if you don’t ask you don’t get.
  19. Fox rod pod leg off the bay ... lost one of the legs, should be bit stable now 😉
  20. Elmo apologies if you already said but do you know the stock levels ? and wondering what size the lake is.
  21. Best wait for Shimano to have one then.
  22. I just checked my phone and looked up some fish captures and distances using maggots and pva. I tie the bag using a long tag end to a big eye swivel at the end of the lead core using a inline lead helicopter style not very aerodynamic looks like a long sausage but go’s 96yds. In the past I did think of threading the bag through the lead core but gave up on the idea with the lead core being wet. Il be giving Adam’s rig a go for sure
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