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  1. When we were kids we had a sort of competition going with the nx estate in the summer hols. Kite flying we would make our own kites and the best 2 would go against our arch enemies. They would win only because they had lots of line then I had the light bulb moment .... borrow dads boat reel a multiplayer with 450 yds of line. You should have seen there faces when we turned up over the park with the kite 6ft rod and reel. We won easily. Happy days.
  2. And i thought my rods were dirty
  3. Highly just a thought have you got shares in Sonik 🤔
  4. April fool joke 🤔
  5. An Ex girlfriend thought that my Bob Church 3 piece stickfloat rod with a lovely splice tip would be useful to unblock the downstairs loo... In her defence it did unblock it and she was most helpful by finding the tape
  6. The Beauty of my system is some goody-goody takes pity on the dog and untangle and disposes of the line... Everyone is happy I got rid of the line the goody goody is happy they’ve done a a good turn and the dog has had a run
  7. I tie a leader on 1st got to protect the old thing had to do it he’s down to his last 2 legs
  8. I tie the line to the dogs collar then throw a stick
  9. WOW !! Look at the size of that tail on the mirror second pic down 😳 Please don’t post anymore pics it’s like being tortured 😞
  10. I saw somewhere that they sold little plugs to fit in the Neville alarms speakers to tone them down
  11. Eric Morecambe on Fishing.....he was a flyfisherman I read the book in the 80s found it in a bookshop read 30 Pages then went onto the next 2 bookshops reading it then finished it in the library on the same day so so funny.
  12. Iv got no issues with colours just got to be stiff enough so it don’t tangle but not to stiff tho lol ......but who’s to say you won’t catch on a fluorescent hook length 🤔
  13. I haven’t fish the Glamorgan’s waters apart from the Taff river was going to join them but never got around to it. I did fish Barry ponds before they got them. A mate used to fish there waters and swore by feeding halibut pellets with the catty little and often and a 14 mill on the hook in the warmer months. Looks like it be a while before we get to fish. 🙄
  14. Hi Darryl welcome to the site. I’m from your neck of the woods what’s the name of the fishery ?
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