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  1. Big Bass

    May catch reports?

    Bet the pin was smoking 👍
  2. I fish a lot of day ticket waters ( well use do 🙄 ) and I see lots of young lads struggling with large nets. The problem it’s not the arms it’s the long drop of the net.
  3. You need to pull your rods in for the night Elmo your going to be wrecked tomorrow. 😳
  4. What about that silver v on mine it moves do yours ?
  5. Hope you get a bend or two on your rod 🎣
  6. It’s a crochet needle went in past the hookend I couldn’t work out which way to pull it out ... got myself in a cold sweat I can tell you. Iv had it for years was my 1st bait needle
  7. Hours to go before I got picked up to go to France I impaled my finger l
  8. Highly have you seen these, there my nx purchase just got to wait for my local tackle shop to open up again.
  9. Maybe file or sand down the gap where the bobbins grip the line ?
  10. Yep I can just make out the mat 😉
  11. It was a toss up between the Saber and the fox
  12. I borrowed my nephews easy mat last summer had a low 20 in there, plenty of room for a biggie. I like the handles. The cost of the mat was £65. Just got to get the hang of folding it to get it back in the bag my mate was almost crying watching me. ..... Camo is a no no I never fnd it 😉
  13. Fox easy mat, need a mat with sides and a lid for when I hopefully get a decent fish for my self takes.
  14. As above Fox do a tapered line 300m of 12lb -35lb cost around £10 If using braid .... I wet the spool before giving it the big one ( if there’s a need for it ) by underhandedly it out then reel in with the tip under the water then again cast a bit further out and so on. I think the practice of just wetting the spool with your hand just gets a small amount of the braid wet.
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