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  1. Well finished work early to get a afternoon’s fishing in at a commercial today before the Fisheries shutdown, couldn’t get on the carp lake so went on the match lake. 6lb main line and 5lb hook length, method feeder, hook baits were sweet corn and 8mm wafters. Light feeder rod. Had lots of skimmers up to a pound before the f1’s and small carp turned up. Great fun and boy did I need to get out to fish.
  2. Very nice .... now who says Men don’t notice
  3. Cardiff.... I’ve just txt my mate and he’s said that’s what she said happed
  4. Sounds like it. Pity tho Highy have you got purple washes on your bank sticks and the alarms to match the purple lights and your line by any chance 🤔
  5. I also had a set of Microns M’s my 1st alarms great sound, my mate had them to and if we doubled up in the swim and one went off I used to say please be mine as we both crashed out of the bivves. I thought I was the bees knees when I finally got the sounder box and wires to go with them.... tripped over them wires to. 🙄 Only time they let me down was the once in freezing fog when the rollers froze up ... but that was down to the weather conditions really.
  6. The police don’t mess about down my way. A friend of a friend had a £1000 fine for shopping outside our area went across the road to M&S and bang. 😳
  7. There’s a big warm front from the south forecast for this Tuesday what I would give to be down linear way all set up just as the big warm wind turns to face me ... but we got travel restrictions 😞
  8. When I went over to marker sticks I put on weight from not having to walk out the rods all the time...honest 😉 I’ve used a reel for the spod and marker work for donkey years with the plastic clip and luckily had no issues but recently been using a reel with a round spring metal clip which I prefer. I defo wouldn’t go back to the plastic clip
  9. I’m lucky I always fish with a good mate and driving back from a trip we analyse our trips comparing tactics, would we have done anything different and why we fished the way we did and so on.
  10. If I don’t get out often I get a bit rusty make silly mistakes things just take a bit longer to set up on a 48hr trip. But I get there in the end.....could be I’m getting on a bit tho 🤔
  11. I’ve actually caught one of them sailing boats a small two man Jobbie best fight I’ve ever had played it for 30 mins flat rodded me more than once even burnt my thumbs clamping down on the spool, had blue thumbs for days. .... would still be playing it if I hadn’t run out of line.
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