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  1. So my fishing fund jar is filled up and it’s time to splash the cash. I have been trying out rods over the park that belong to friends and friends of friends from Fox X3 , was hoping to try the X4, ESP Onyx and Free Spirt, hopefully got a Prologic to try out mid week. All nice rods but still looking. .... and if one more dog walker asked me if I caught any fish yet 🙄 After a 12ft fast taper ish £160 ish per rod
  2. Awwww so that’s what a carp looks like ... it’s been so long since iv seen one ... well done Blue 👍
  3. Iv been watching the John Baker Baits videos on YouTube he’s got a series going really interesting
  4. I can remember my first bet I was 17 had just started my first full time job from school in the steel works ,Funny enough was going out with my first proper girlfriend with not much luck if you know what I mean. I popped into the betting office nx to the pub ( why was there always one nx to a pub ) bet on a dog my bro says I have a look and find a name I like Fair Reward that will do me thinks, it wins a fiver for me wow ! I was on £30 a week then. .... now this is where the girlfriend come into the story I give her a bell pop over mine tonight i says il cook. Down the butchers I go buys two
  5. I turned up the radio got the footy on. 👍
  6. I only fish Day ticket waters eg Linear waters cost me about £60 for 3 rods for 48hrs, when iv remembered i put the dosh I would have spent away. “Looks left and right and behind 👀then locks shed door” I got £450 an er 50 p toying with the idea of new set of rods.... this post will self destruct in 10 secs.
  7. Elmo buy your good lady something.... obviously not as much as the AXS then buy the brolly 😉
  8. Highy have you got one of there landing nets if so which one. ? I’m after one that the handle breaks down to two pieces
  9. Did you get a Xmas card from them ?
  10. Iv got the 8k and it feels bullet proof the line lay is impeccable with the slow oscillation, it’s heavy ish but like I said to a angler who popped into my swime and said “ I heard of them there to heavy you should use Shimano “ my comeback was if I was fly fishing with them you would be talking sense 🙄
  11. Same as above and the glovebox open
  12. The carp in the South West love them ..... Emo If I send you some lottery money can you get me a ticket 🤔
  13. One of the lights on the alarms is kaput so might splash the cash. The coating on the receiver he is looking iffy but got a case for that.
  14. The Lamb with potato sounds yummy 😉
  15. Them leather washers are the best, I used to run a set of heavy stainless steel sticks and buzz bars could never tighten them up until I got the leather washers. I to have been toying with upgrading my atts to the under lights 🤔
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