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  1. Don’t forget the seasick tablets.... and flares 😉
  2. I still miss my spaniel Tina from 40 odd years ago. Thought this pic would put a smile on your face
  3. Try pulling your hook length through a small pva bag of stick mix it would protect your hook when you pull and give you time to straighten the rig. Sounds like it’s a shallow water ? Feather the line before the rig hits the water which would help with the plunging of the lead weight. Good luck 👍
  4. The 3.25 is my marker and spod rod the other 3 are my carp rods. I also take a feeder rod and a small 6 ft spinner rod. .... you just don’t know when your going to need a particular rod
  5. I did mark the tips but after 15+ years of heavy use they kinda faded
  6. I tried to buy this guy but it wasn’t going to happen
  7. When cleaning my 4 cork handles i put the tips to one side and forgot one of them is a 3/25 tip the other 3 are 3lb looking at the tips I can’t tell them apart 🙄without going to the expense of buying a micrometer gauge any other ideas. ?
  8. The Taff is low in the city stretch
  9. I got the BP4 and BP6 and use the 4 for feeder work, I would go for the 6 they were selling for silly money at the time had the BP4 for £13 and could have got it cheaper if I got two.
  10. Half day in work so popped in my local tackle shop. The shelves are looking bare so got 5 k of sticky krill 16mm £40 , bag of 2mm pellets for the feeder, pva, and 3 pks of kank hooks in size 6, bag of mixer Off fishing 4 ish to dusk to a mixed fishery
  11. If no snags or weed could go naked oh errr small pva bag on the hook or a piece of form helps stop tangles. If casting far I think the sensitivity of the rig fails a bit. Looking forward to seeing the catch shots 👍
  12. I run my finger and thumb along the lead core with the dip I stay away from any clips and sleeves....can’t be having them slipping off lol
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